Sunday, August 6, 2017

Great and talented creative talents in the world of comics

I used to have a list of people in the world of comics who have done work that I most like.  I don't have a spreadsheet, or some sort of means by which I decide who belongs upon that list.  All I have is a sense of taste, a rather wide spanning view of work I like, and, the shortcomings of my ability to buy and read whatever it is I am interested in.  There are numerous, perhaps thousands of talented people who I have not been able to develop a taste for due entirely to finances.  To some small degree, since the advent of the internet and emails, I have discussed the works with the author, thus, making my interest greater informed.  I used to keep a list but stopped when the effort was greater than any kind of purpose was served.  But, I've been getting a number of emails from people reading my work at Poplitiko asking me favorites, best comic stories, best artists to talk to to avoid bad interactions.  So, this is a relatively broad list, without specific works or why they were listed.  There are writers, artists, and writer/artists, and, there are talents who are able to do many things that make them on the list more than once.   I am making this list without any order within each list. I like so many more talented people it hurts to make lists and not include them all.   Also, I would like to do a category of best cover artist, but, I have loved so many it would be a wee bit extensive.


Grant Morrison
Jamie Delano
Chuck Dixon
Mike Carey
Alan Moore
Dean Motter
Mike Baron
Alejandro Jodorowsky
Steven Grant
John Ostrander
Paul Jenkins


Ashley Wood
Jack Kirby
Timothy Truman
Tom Mandrake
Jan Duursema
Moebius/Jean Giraud
Bill Sienkiewicz
Alex Sheikman
Simon Bisley
Chris Weston
Wally Wood
Michael Gaydos
Tim Bradstreet
Leonardo Manco
Jae Lee
Alex Schomburg
Paul Harmon


Frank Miller
Jack Kirby
Mike Grell
Walter Simonson
Timothy Truman
Hayao Miyazaki
Paul Grist
Erik Larsen
Josh Howard
Steve Ditko
Stan Sakai

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