Saturday, August 5, 2017

Evidence of the Manga I have enjoyed

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I love Japan.  I love Japanese people, arts, history, and even the language.
As I am writing about comics, doing interviews and reviews, I was asked
why no Manga?  And I am not able to extend my coverage to manga and
thereafter anime due to a number of factors.  There is a language barrier.
I can't interview most talent from Japan.  I do not have review works and
it is often hard to do so from thinks like pdf or jpgs.  And lastly, I have
no money to invest in new series.

But, I have bought and read many manga, and my son is a fan of other series.
I've read numerous editions and expanded my view of works to include up to
date works like Attack on Titan and Deathnote.  I like them a great deal.

I should say, my favorite works are Lone Wolf and Cub, Samurai Executioner,
Path of the Assassin, Appleseed, and Nausicaa.  I like these works all a great deal.
So, while my comic book journalism has not covered Manga much at all, it isn't
due to matters of taste.

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