Sunday, July 30, 2017



I did not vote for or like in the least Donald Trump.  But I hated the smug, elitist, over confident, manner in which the media on the left refused to accept the candidacy of Trump, and then, when it was clear that he was the candidate of the GOP, went into full demonization mode.  Now, ... you will no doubt be saying oh but the GOP said this or said that about Hillary Clinton.  Of course they did.  But you rarely see the media applauding one side over the other, so blatantly.  I  made a point to point out, but no one listened, this, imagine every rebel vote against the machines of politics being crushed by people voting for the GOP.  The party of the downtrodden and desire of social justice has been a label self applied by the Democrats.  But they were seen by many as becoming so special interest that it ignored the core group of citizens.

Can you see a problem here?  Trump wasn't a real candidate according to the left.  This made Trump's rise only the more clear, as people were seeing the Democratic and media voices saying their possible choice wasn't real.  He was only a TV personality.  "Well dad burn it, I am voting for him, if nothing else to fuck the mainstream."

Before you suggest that I liked Trump secretly, know this, he would have been at the bottom of my list, right next Clinton.  But, unlike many 3rd party voters, I am very happy to vote for whoever moves me regardless of party.  This was not served in the last election.  I felt so disgusted by my lack of choices, that the choice of the left to ignore their flaws and stare in smug disbelief over the other choice felt insulting to me. I often regret who I voted for.  Not because I am so prevaricating, but because the die is cast, the deed is done.  But I didn't vote this year, and I felt that I was screwed by this.  I could have accepted a large number of choices, but no one who was an honest voice was offered up.

And I was told by some Democrat friends that I elected Trump by not voting for Ms. Clinton.  That is a pile of feces.  I live in a state that is solidly Democrat, and we use a system of election that is divided between popular vote and electoral votes FROM the STATES.  In Minnesota my vote means nothing. 

I am sorry to harp on this, and I will now quit, but I didn't vote for Trump.  I can see why the voters did, but I couldn't in my heart vote for him. 

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