Friday, July 7, 2017

Responses to Email Questions

I received almost a dozen emails last week asking questions that I get asked often.

Two people sent nearly identical emails that said this:

Your poetry speaks to my soul, I feel like I've known you forever.  I've sent you my pics, why don't you want to talk to me?

I am married, I write poems for the sole expression of my views, my creativity and to grow in my work.  I do not reply any longer to people sending erotic photos.  Whatever you look like, whatever you might say, no matter what you do, I cannot reply in kind, in spirit, in expectation of anything.  I sell my work, I write for free on my poetry blog, of 1800+ poems, and I am available with a public email address specifically to sell my work and advance my poetry.  I might think you are beautiful, I might be flattered, but I can do nothing in reply.


I received a few questions regarding my likes and interests.  I will focus here upon my poetry interests.

More than just your favorite poets, who is your favorite, what poem by them is your favorite, and what book is the best collection of their work?

Five favorite poets... I love the work of many, and not all of them are represented by being in print.

Ezra Pound   ---------------------   "In a Station of the Metro" 
William Carlos Williams ------    "This Is Just To Say"
E.E. Cummings -----------------     "in Just-"
Ovid of Rome -------------------     "In Summer's Heat"
Lord Byron     -------------------      "She Walks in Beauty"

How dare you not vote in 2016's election?  Why do you feel aloof from being a citizen of the US?  You get all the benefits, and you choose to do the one thing it asks?

 Kiss my rosie white hairy fat ass.

I have every right that you say, but that includes refusing to participate in the election due to disagreement with government or our choice for governance.  If you think we all must vote regardless,  you are a fool.  I am not a pragmatist, I am an idealist.  I refuse to apologize for being different than you in regards to what our duty is.  Duty, to me, is to not vote if either choice offered is the equivalent of societal chaos or failure.

What sports do you like?  

Already answered prior, but Hockey, NFL, Baseball.  I enjoy Sumo, UFC and Boxing as well.

Have you traveled the US and beyond?

I left the US to visit Canada numerous times, and to Mexico once.  I've enjoyed visiting the variety of the states I've seen.  But, I am an unusually unhappy camper.  I  have social anxiety, I have a guts system that leads to diarrhea when I travel, and, I hate being caught in traffic.

As a historian what era moves you the most?  What books regarding are the best?

I am moved by the experience of the Greeks versus the Persians.  Ancient Greeks in battle are always interesting to me.  I am moved by Japan's medieval era as well.

Is Trump the worst president ever?  

Oh hell no.  There are so many better candidates.  OK not so many.  I'd say.

But, here are some stinkers...

James Buchanan
Franklin Pierce
Warren G. Harding

LBJ might surprise some, but I think he was an idiot to declare war on poverty while ramping up the war in Vietnam.  Do one or the other, or do one and then do the other.  Doing both truly punished the US economy.  And, set a system of pay outs for the future, which also could not be paid in full.  I think it isn't wrong to fight poverty, or racism, or anything like that, I just know that the character of LBJ was such that he wasn't fighting those things.  He meant to buy the votes of those receiving the benefits.  Rightly or wrongly, I think he sucked.

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