Friday, June 30, 2017

Thoughts on Stuff

I was asked if I believe in certain things.  I am not a pragmatist, nor am I a believer in the worst intentions of people.  I am an idealist, and I believe that you can just as rightly imagine the problem coming from ignorance or incompetence as malice.

I am not a believer in most conspiracy theories.  They exist and some rare times they are correct.  But most rely upon assumptions.  And by doing that they are rarely going to be correct.  Assumptions of a person's motives in the simplest events are often wrong, let alone the lattice work cobweb of accusations in conspiracy theories.  It is argued that it is too hard to keep everyone quiet, as a detriment to the possible conspiracies, but in that area I think it depends.  1) do the participants all know of their roles, 2) do they have an interest in speaking about their part of an event.  What I am saying is, you have people who are often duped and used, and they might well have no clue what just happened.  And, some people are guilty of crimes, why would they wish to acknowledge their guilt?

I do believe that the assassination of JFK was a conspiracy.  I am not sure who or why did it.  But I don't believe that one person did all that he was said to have done.  I am not sure, but I think there are UFOs and it makes sense that if they do exist that someone is preventing a wider understanding of them.    9/11 was a conspiracy but who it is and why, outside of the known facts, there is almost certainly more there than known.  I don't think it is the CIA or the Mossad, but I simply don't know enough to say.

Do I believe in Sasquatch or Yeti?  Sort of.  I think there is more than meets the eye, and if such creatures were intelligent they might well fear humans.  They might also be smarter than humans, and try to remain hidden.  When people point out how that if they existed humans would surely have found their corpses or habitats I tend to roll my eyes, because that assumes they are simply apelike.  I don't suggest that many of the images and film of them are real, but I do think something exists.

I do believe in Global warming but not, necessarily, human caused such.  I've seen charts and graphs like everyone else, but if you look at an extreme length timeline of temperature and CO2 you see a world far different than short term charts.


However, I am not a climatologist.  I am not a scientist.  I am not even someone who pays great attention to the weather.  I am simply saying, just as with history, some of your bias comes from who wraps the bow, and who tells the story.   I am not any sort of person who could tell.  But, I believe that if you accept that for the time we live in the temperature extremes of the last 30 years, we could experience a massive change of climate and temperature.  If we can fix the problems, why wouldn't we?

I believe in many things regarding miracles, Gods, and all, but I do not believe in a great number of things said to be related.   I think demons and devils, angels and similar beings might exist, but I have no idea.  I think Hell is a place in your mind.  So I believe Hell, for instance, but it is the emotional equivalent of passing into oblivion.  I believe that the after life exists, but beyond the religious views I have, I do not believe that we can prove or not prove it.  As such, we should not try proving or disproving god and beyond, since it comes from a point of, do you believe it or not.  I don't argue religious facts or points of debate.  It doesn't interest me.  But ghosts?  Not really.  A variety of different "miracles" are explainable.  I don't suggest I know which are real.   I have my own experiences however, so I am not attacking others, I am just saying calling something a miracle doesn't make it so.

And the question that I found most interesting is:  What do you foresee in the next 100 years?  I think it depends upon a lot of factors, but, here I go...

After wars fought over the shrinking natural resources of earth, humanity will attempt to colonize space.  If it works or not, humans will destroy life on earth with atomic weapons.  Life will then be dependent upon our ability to find a planet to restore our future.

And I say all that without any bias.  The United States might be a hero or villain.  Russia might be a bully or savior.  China might collapse in upon itself or take over leadership of the earth.  I am a watcher, I have no idea what human choices will be made.

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