Friday, June 2, 2017

Ramblings and responses to questions

I want to know why it is that when I play a note on the piano it sounds dull and boring, but when Van Cliburn did it was magic?  Why do people who all use the same language, when writing, not create or write the same?  What is it that makes the note or the word in the hands of one, not the same when it is in the hands of others?  I realize people have different talents, but, my issue is not with amount of talent or kind, instead I am suggesting, the note or word is available to everyone.  Why is it better with one than another?  How do some people capture lightning?

Of the worlds that fantasy and science fiction have imagined, I still am content where I am.  I don't want to go to Hoth, or Earthsea, or Middle Earth.  The neutral zone of Star Trek holds no interest for me.  Why is it that we think we must leave to find happiness?  To me I realize that it isn't finding what you want, but being happy with what you have is the key.  If you love what you have you won't desire and constantly be hungry.

I have been told, repeatedly, from Democrats that I voted for Trump by voting 3rd party.  I've never been told by a Republican that my vote should have gone anywhere.  I think people have a right to be disappointed, but blame is something that belongs only upon the candidates or those who fucked the process during the campaign.  I know that this will only encourage more crap, but the fact is, I am not willing to vote according to my fear or how others will vote.  If I choose to follow the crowd, I am lost in its midst.

Another person told me that if I want to make money in the creative world I have to create what others like.  That I should do research and when I find out what they like, do a story in that genre/format.  Nope.  I am unable to do this, only being able to create what is in my noggin.

Someone suggested that I am gay suggesting I was because I like cats.  They aren't correct.  And frankly, I like poetry and bubble baths, and that doesn't make me gay either.  It means I like sex with women (so far just one, my wife) and have a variety of interests.  Guess what? Gay means you are attracted to the same sex.  It has nothing to do with pet ownership.

I was asked "What books do I recommend for humor?"  I have 3.

Jed the Dead by Alan Dean Foster made me chuckle throughout.  It features a dead alien, and a person who finds the body, and takes Jed wherever they go.  And what exactly does dead mean for an alien?

Hexbreaker by Mike Baron and Bill Reinhold featured the character Badger going to a tournament of champions, in martial arts.  The characters are delightful, and the humor is present throughout the story.

Mad Amos by Alan Dean Foster is a fantastical collection of stories.  The character Mad Amos is bigger than life, and he meets dragons, unicorns, and other crazy things.  It is a lovely work, in every sort of way. 

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