Friday, June 16, 2017

6 Questions about my Christianity

An email writer sent me a list of questions about my saying I am a Christian.  Among other question are some that are more personal and less about doctrine or dogma.  The questions I will answer to the best of my abilities, but, and this is an important but, I don't represent any form of Christianity, I do not claim to know more than any other believer, and I am flawed as possible as a human.  I am not an example for others to follow.

If God is everywhere, where is his presence?  Why can't I see him?

I am not altogether sure why you can't see "him" but I know when I see or feel the presence of God.  I have experienced hearing God's voice, and I have experienced feeling God's presence near me.  I think it happens when you have a direct answer to prayer.  I have felt the presence when I would sing with others songs of praise.  I have felt God near me when I've experienced joy, in the presence of loved ones, and when I am moved by the love others show me.  I am not altogether an outdoors person, I don't camp, I don't fish, I don't hunt, plant gardens, cut down trees.  But there have been times when I was so moved by nature I knew God was responsible.  Do I see God or God's face?  No.  But I am able to feel and see his hand in the magnificence of nature, the power of love and family, and I see proof of God in the miracles I've seen.  But if I only felt or saw God's presence in miracles I would suggest that I would not have as strong of faith as I do.  

Do you agree with the belief in Jesus is the sole manner of entering Heaven?

Yes and no.  I believe in the Bible.  I follow the directions and teachings found in the book.  I believe that God sent Jesus to earth to offer humans a chance to commune with God.  By Christ's dying, we are no longer Hell bound.  I believe that my sin blocks my path to Heaven, but Christ's blood is the perfect sacrifice.


I do not look at other faith's and condemn them to Hell.  That isn't my job.  I also don't know all of God's plans, abilities, more than knowing I what I believe.  My hope is that God's mercy is large enough to be embraced by all people of faith.  I am not the final judge and I refuse to make myself sick with worry for people of other faith.  I am not saying I do not care, I am saying, I trust God enough to know that I don't know the answer.

Is there a Hell?

I am not a believer in Hell as a place with fire and torment.  Instead I believe in Oblivion.  I believe that being disconnected forever is Hell.  But, I do not know.  I do read the bible and see hell there, but I think it is a metaphysical reality, not a physical or inevitable reality.

Do you see yourself going to Heaven?

I am not the most positive of people, and some of that is from my being an INFJ, and having PTSD.  So to be very honest, while I believe in God, and I believe I am following the rules, I know that I am dirty and full of sin.  I've done terrible things in my life.  And I regret them.  And I have repented of them.  But I am certain of one thing regarding entry into Heaven, God will have mercy upon whoever God has mercy upon.  I have a faith that never burns out because I feel like I have live up to the legacy and destiny I have chosen.

Are Homosexuals going to Hell?  Can they be Christians?  

I think of God as being just.  Whatever the bible says about God's view of homosexuality, I believe he is about both Justice and Love.  I think if God is real, there is justice.  If God isn't real, then it all will be lost in the end of matter.  Therefore, I think humans are wrong and God is right.  So Homosexuals can find God.  

Will God punish people who do not sin, but do not, also, believe in God?    

I do not know.  I do know that it has been said that no human can be sinless, and only Christ was without sin.   I really do not know.  Again, I am not God, and I am content that God is just.

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