Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Show a few pics of aliens and cryptids and all hell breaks loose

I find the ancient world magnificently interesting.  The phenomenon of Ancient Aliens is interesting, but it isn't something I am moved by so much, as I am interested in the speculative thoughts of the theorists.

So over HERE I talked about resisting the fake and just embrace what is true, and what entertains you.  I think it is important to look at our world and be curious.  But the world we are living in is becoming a very dangerous place.  I am not saying I have any answers, I do not, but I do think being curious, being hopeful, being helpful to others is better than giving up.

While science follows logic and evidence, it can't test things it doesn't know about. The same goes with thoughts about God.  A singer wrote a song I like, and am moved by, and it is a work that is about a dialogue with God and a human.  But it is shown in metaphor form.  So when I read the reviews of the song, people in the criticism world said, the lyrics don't make sense.  Looking a bit further into those critics, I found out that they were not believers in god, or much of anything other than their own lives.  It was a mystery to them.  You can't describe the taste of it if you have never tasted it.  

I do think Aliens COULD have visited earth, and there might even be evidence.  But being totally literal in views of ancient stories is foolish.  Some events might be captured factually, but the ancient man told stories with big ideas, and vast imagination.  He spoke truth in the form of small lies.  I think there is life in the universe outside of our own planet.  I believe there is life in our own solar system.  But, I don't know how they'd communicate or travel, since I don't know if they are intelligent.

Erich von Daniken was a student of theology, and became curious if perhaps the stories of the miracles, and of the god and his children weren't in fact stories of actual, factual events of cosmic, astronomical sort.  He was arrested for swindling money from his first job, in the hotel industry.  But he paid the debt through sales of the books he has written.  I think Daniken is better than the rest in the field.  Not as much for the writing, although it is better too, but for his way of explaining his points.  I don't think he is a great hoaxer, and I don't judge him for having made mistakes when young.  I'd be a shithead if I did that, I am probably known to people who don't like me as being an asshole, a freak, a jerk...

I think Zecharia Sitchin was bright, it requires that to write and tell about the universe in the manner in which he has done so.  His theory is that ancient aliens helped humans evolve faster, and in fact created hybrids to lead them.  The ancient Sumerian texts do have some intriguing concepts, and use images of lizard people, winged men and women, and birdlike beings to tell their stories.

I read these books, but I always thought, at the end, yeah maybe, I don't know.  And that is enough, I appreciate that I read them, and I moved on.

And you might be wondering, why are all these guys old, white and stuffy old farts?   I read these authors as a teen, and recently looked into more books.  The world is far different than when I was a teen, and I am still not convinced.  But I enjoyed the reading.

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