Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Is this world on fire?  Are we facing the end of time? Or is the world just fine and we have a world that is focused upon the worst aspects of existence?

I believe that the world is at a place where inaction on various world issues will push the earth and its people into an enormous abyss.  I also believe that America has been at war since 2001, and that permanent war crisis has forced the US and citizens to respond not for the best of all, but for a certain savage sort of survival mode.  Civil liberties melt away when the the government and its people agree to ignore freedoms in favor of safety.  The size of government is then going to grow and the freedoms men hold will shrink, because of the lack of ability of society to ensure privacy, freedoms, and overall safety.

If you trust government, I have to ask, why?  The trail of evidence from the past doesn't bode well for government being moral in the present.

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