Sunday, April 2, 2017

Humanity is Meat

The species of humans has three groups among it regarding food.  First, there are the starving.  Second there is the fat.  Third, there are the fit.  The fat outnumber the thin, but neither are in any kind of good way.  In the US and the UK fat adults number as much as 40% of the population.  So, the question of eating, isn't the ethics or morality of eating meat, but the wallet breaking health results from eating unhealthy foods.  Sooner or later, Meat will be outlawed.

Watch a timer for a minute.  In that minute, 60 seconds, every 5 seconds, a child in the world died of starvation.

And beyond eating meat, as if we are able to kill without a moral consequence, there have been societies in the 20th Century that celebrated killing.  Nazi Germany, Turkey, Rwanda, Cambodia, and more saw the killing of humans and the treating of their remains, as if they were wasted meat, thrown to the floor, and never eaten, only decayed.

Let us  not forget, humans hunted to near extinction a greatly prolific and hearty species, not for food, not for clothing, but to starve a native population. 

During the 19th Century India suffered famine, but it was similar to that in Ukraine under Stalin.  The land had produced food, but the overlords called for sales and exports, not to feed the people who had grown the food.

And during times of horror, some humans turned to eating meat, selling it as if it were common beef, pork or chicken.  And they were only those who were caught.

Why should we care about the morality of meat eating?  I believe, and I have no authority or great wisdom, that when we eat animals, we innately understand, humans are meat as well, simply, not the kind that you eat without some recognition of your act.

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