Saturday, April 22, 2017


Existence is not political.  It is actual.  Politics for some represents high achievement, but to me it is as Mao said, "Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.".  Truth is not relative.  But every side of an event, or conflict has a perspective upon the said event or conflict that will be different than the others.  In war you might even find that allies who experienced an event, even perhaps victoriously, will have views that are different from their own side of the conflict.  We are all biased.  Therefore, we cannot begin to know the truth from within it.

In the 2016 Election Donald Trump was rightly scorched for his support from white nationalist groups.  The KKK is said to have unofficially endorsed Trump.  This received a great deal of press.  The American Communist party unofficial endorsement of Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 received almost no press.  The cause of this was both bias, and a realization of the truth.  It is simple, people of extreme views have views that will fall into place with various candidates.  They support the side they hope will give them power.  But the endorsement of idiots for any candidate doesn't mean anything.  A number of porn stars endorsed Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996.  Does that mean we've given them credit for his two terms in office?  Did anyone say gee, Madame Boobsalot said Bill Clinton is great, that means I should vote for him?

The press therefore in American elections has shown itself to be biased. The media is not simply stating what has happened, but is editorializing the news as it shares the information.  Am I saying the media is wrong for this?  No.   Media has had a checkered past reporting the events of the world.  Some might suggest that it is more propaganda than news. 

But truth is not controlled by the media.  Information exists independently from the sources of news.  And truth, the ultimate goal, is not, in itself a relative thing, it is a constant.  But the means for finding the truth, for investigation of events and movements these are expanding.  But is truth itself expanding?  Do we know more now than before?

The truth is an object.  How it is approached is not consistent through media.  Some choose to hold up the truth as a sacred thing.  Others consider it an obstacle to their needs.  Media is neither the villain nor the hero in the present age.  It can help people, it can destroy other people.  But what has changed the news media is the access to alternative sources of news.  That is, not alternative facts, but whereas the preCable television era was based upon large networks with cross control of radio, newspaper and television, the post Cable and Internet era has seen the proliferation of independent and previously unrealized sources for news.  Youtube, for instance can show an uploader's video of an event.  News media has competition from sources that did not exist before.

And when we look at the previous era, we wonder, were we all so naive?  With all the information available now, are we overloading our lives with information, bias, views and eye witness reports?  How much information can a person take in, without becoming numb?  I believe that for all the development of access and information, we've poured so much information into the minds of people that they shut it out.  Every blog contributes to this, I am guilty, perhaps, of cluttering the path of the minds of those who have to think about what is the truth.

I am unwilling to give in to the fear of information.  I am unwilling to fully engage all forms of information.  I need the truth.  I hope that by posting here I will somehow find out the truth.  The path is narrow, the journey is long.  Let us begin.

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