Saturday, April 1, 2017

Complete Distraction

I hate modern media.

No I am not calling anything I disagree with "Fake News".  No I am not complaining about bias, or, even, parody web news sites.  Fake news is what it is, get it or don't it isn't my aim here to complain about that.

I hate modern media because in the world I live in there are many worrisome issues, and the point of almost all media is to gain viewers or sell products for advertisers.  Even when watching "Non-profit" documentaries there is a bias that makes it aimed to please a certain group.  There is nothing that is made to inform, purely.

You might say, that is the way it is sport, screw you.  Ok, yes, it is.  But here is the affect after years and years of it...

I almost do not believe anything any more.

When I see news stories I wonder what group or individual is intended to benefit.
When I watch documentaries I wonder what this work is aimed at making me thing or consider.
Am I supposed to be so worried I rush to the arms of one group, or another?
Am I supposed to be so worried that I will trust government to take care of  me?

I honestly think there is a conspiracy to make me feel unable.
And that isn't the only thing.
I think that Global Warming exists, but, humans are working on either side of the debate to create a sense of alarm in such a manner that I don't trust either side.

Humans suck, I get that.  But I do not have the desire to hate or distrust everyone.  The media discord to me is an attempt by media to confuse and mislead.  Which is the opposite of what I think it should be.

In the meantime, why not entertain your mind with conspiracy theories, bullshit, and moronicus maximus?  This is not a suggestion that you should or should not believe anything.  Conspiracy, foolishness, eyewitness accounts, all serve to entertain our imagination.  It is time we step back from the self centered self gratification that news has become.  News shouldn't make you happy or sad, or fulfilled or lonely, it is meant to inform you.  It ended doing that a long time ago.

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