Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The wave of change has hit

The following is my opinion.  None of it is based upon anyone else's voice.  I am simply saying what I think.  I might be wrong.  I might be full of shit.  But it remains my opinion.

Let us view the changed world of Donald Trump, Post Obama America, and the future.  America is not the world, this isn't about the "popularity" of American popular culture.  But the election of a different kind presidential candidate has caused enormous upheaval.  Some rally to build a wall to keep illegal immigration from the border, others protest rally against "Hitler". 

My straight out opinion is that Trump is a response to President Obama's previous years of change.  I do not say Trump is better, it isn't a positive or negative statement.  I am not suggesting Obama was wrong.  Obama's years in the presidency are unapproachable as far as comparisons of leadership.  Obama went about his presidency different than Bush had, or frankly, Clinton had.  And all of the three are far different than Trump.

The people who voted for Hillary Clinton might have voted for her, or for the opposition to Trump.  The people who voted for Trump were not nearly as much against Clinton as they were to the numerous cultural issues that had changed in the previous years of 2008-2016.  Again, I am not saying right or wrong, or evil or good.  Change is its own beast.  Some people can accept change others not.  But if Trump is Hitler, you really have to say Obama was Stalin.  Their different approaches, individualism and capitalism versus collectivism and socialism are not compatible.  I also must say, I don't think Trump is Hitler nor Obama is Stalin.  I am just pointing out that labeling of both works in the same way.

I believe that we've entered a period of reactionary government.  This is bound to have an effect upon the popular culture.  If Muslims in general are to be banned, perhaps we should ban Jehovah Witnesses from knocking on my door.  If we ban specific religions why not keep the people at airports for Krishna away from asking money from air travelers?  Why can't we as a country just say no to the Kardasians and ban them from the airwaves if not the actual country?  I honestly don't believe that we should ban Jehovah Witnesses, or Hare Krishna followers.  *Although I do particularly despise the Kardasians.

America is, and Hollywood is particularly the world's greatest producer of popular culture.  This isn't to say it should be, it is the only or that it is the best.  It is true to say that culture reflects the events of, and the beliefs of a people.  Will the current upheaval be reflected in the popular culture?  Maybe, but I think there is another way that popular culture responds.  It responds with escapist materials.  The boom in comic book characters in film?  It will definitely continue.  So will reality television such as the Kardasians.  And so will the swimming in the cesspool done by both of the major political parties of the US.

The world watches with shock as the country with the largest economy and military chooses to argue over the use of bathrooms by people of different genders instead of deal with the reality, that the global economy is based upon oil, coal and other unsustainable fuels.  And that the reason for terrorism against the US is not based outside of the US, but within it.  Radicalized Islam might also not have a war to fight if the US didn't have troops in the Holy Lands.  But who am I to suggest anything? "Osama bin Laden was a Muslim terrorist and the founder of al-Qaeda, an Islamic terrorist organization. In conjunction with several other Islamic leaders, he issued two fatwas—in 1996 and then again in 1998—that Muslims should fight those that either support Israel or support Western military forces in Islamic countries, stating that those in that mindset are the enemy, including citizens from the United States and allied countries."  Source Wiki

It is time to be honest about the threat to the people, it isn't bombs, it isn't war.  It is the making of policy surrounding greed and gathering of gold.  Cynical people often say it is all about the money.  I don't believe that all things are, but, our government, whether by Democrat or Republican has followed a policy of gathering gold.  It places troops in harm's way for oil.  It is not about the left or the right, it is about maintaining our dominance over the world's economy, with troops, with policy that prevents uprisings against our interests.

America longs for pleasure, comfort, treasure and hedonism.  We have lost our way.

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