Sunday, February 5, 2017

the funny thing about answering email questions

I am astounded by how many more questions I receive after I've written a post/article where I answer questions.  I suppose some look at it as if it is sport, a game of stump the moron.  Others might actually want to know.  Then there are those who want to get to be friends and ask for copies of my work for free.  I am not being cynical, that is simply the truth.

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So here we go for another round of Q&A

Do you like sports or are you similar to most creative people in that you ignore sports and prefer stuff like Classical music, opera, and drama?

I love Opera.  But I am a child of a man who loved all sports except soccer and hockey.  He didn't like soccer because he thought it was a bunch of foreigners playing a stupid game.  And pretty much I think the same for hockey.  As such, I had full exposure to the world of sports, and I like football, I love Hockey, and I love the Minnesota Twins in baseball.  There are other sports I like, such as Sumo and a parade of others.  But I will say, since I began my journey of creative work I have dropped off in my ability to follow and care about most sports.

What is it about poetry that moves you so?  If you could be the greatest writer, poet or comic book writer, which would you be?

I see poetry as being quite different than writing prose or for sequential stories.  It captures in a short amount of letters, a truth, an event, a feeling.  And it can be layered and filled with beauty.  For me it is why I read.  I don't want to be the greatest anything except father, and I know I am not that, nor will I be.

Well then who is your choice for best poet ever, and what is your favorite poem?

I can't do best ever.  While I've been educated, and took many poetry courses, I am not an academic writer.  I don't observe styles, I am less concerned by style as I am message.  I am not critical thinking endowed enough to know the various qualities beyond knowing what I like.  My favorite poem is The Ball Turret Gunner by Randall Jarrell.

What movie stars and musical bands or solo talents are your favorite?

Favorite I can do, however, this is not a permanent thing, I reserve the right to change the choices I've made.


Montgomery Clift
Tyrone Power
Russell Crowe
Toshiro Mifune
Elizabeth Taylor


The Clash
Billy Corgan
Chris Cornell
Blue October

What/where is the favorite place you've been to?

Duluth Minnesota.  I am aware of the wonderful world out there, but my experience meant Duluth is my beloved home.

What alcoholic drink do you write with?

I don't.  But the alcoholic drink that once or twice a year I get hammered with is Bushmills Irish Whiskey.  I also like Bloody Mary drinks with Stolichnaya.  But since I am now a walking medicine cabinet, 8 different meds by pill every day, I am unable or disallowed from drinking.  If I do it, it is a celebration or a consolation.

What politically person drives you mad?

I don't like Al Franken.  He is a carpetbagger.  And just to balance it out, I think Rush Limbaugh is blowhard air bag.

Why didn't you follow your education and go into politics or academia?

We all make choices in our life, some are career building, some are destroying.  I chose to follow History into Grad School so that I could teach, or research.  But my mind is more intuitive than logical, more creative that theoretical and more anti social than I could ever overcome long enough to  have a career.  However, my education did more than give me a frame work of thought, it trained me to look into anything with a focus I never had had before.  I was able to see my large picture world view, better, with more context and expertise.

I didn't go into politics because I would be a bigger failure there than anywhere else in my world.

If you could go anywhere and have it paid for, where and why?

Somewhere with castles.  I love the ancient and medieval world.

Have you any tattoos or piercings?  

I only have a tiny dot tattoo for the cancer radiation.  And I have a pierced ear.  I like jewelry and if I was a person who did social things, I'd go all out with the piercings.

Is university the best choice for a young adult for the their future?  Did you feel that your university experience merited the price you and the parents paid?  

We should not mistake gifts of talent as being skills.  You can enter life with a variety of gifts, but should you not develop them you are possibly going to let those talents wither from lack of use, and lack of technique to bring out the best in them.  If I had the foresight to know how age diminishes talent I'd have rather developed my skill in order to compensate for lost ability.  That isn't a bunch of diversion from the question, I just wanted to explain why more education and training can be so very valuable.  A person with an average singing voice may never ascend the ranks of the best, but through training and development of a talent one can compensate for lack of talent with an application of skills and knowledge.  By the time Billie Holiday ended her career her voices was fading, from the drugs and alcohol and hard living she'd done.  But she could use her voice in ways that a novice would never have known to have done. 

Attending university or entering a program where you might apprentice allows you to grow, when you are young enough to not be burdened with family, debt and lack of ardor for your future.  I received a number of college degrees, and while I was never one to worry about my grades, I soaked in so much knowledge, I was a smarter and better rounded thinker and writer.  I definitely learned from some great people, and I learned from the not so great in other ways.  My professor Ron Marchese, for instance, was beyond a simple teacher for me.  He was someone who encouraged and drew out the interest of a student and he helped it to grow, and challenged it so that it could survive and thrive in less ordered situations.

Why do you focus upon death so much in your writing?  Are you deeply dark and obsessed with dying?  

I do not become obsessed with dying, so much as I am fascinated by the thought of how my being will change, for good or ill, via the last stage of my existence.  I don't know what is beyond, I do however have hope for that point of my existence.   I find that people who do not believe in an afterlife ought to seek knowledge about that subject but often reject that idea.  I am a Christian, but my view of the afterlife is less connected with dogma and scriptural memorizing.  I simply believe that there has been in my life many events that point me to a view of existence that is, we are compose of matter and energy.  Matter might pass but energy does not, there is no way to prove or not prove the beyond.  So I choose the perspective that my intuition and experience both explain my reason for my belief.

Do you believe in the Arab/Muslim ban enacted by Trump and his advisors.   It is racist, yes?

I believe that the government's job is to protect citizens.  The ban was created to avoid the waves of terrorism going on in Europe presently.   I do not debate at all that the ban could be racist.   But I do not altogether think when situations demand action, that the groups that are committing the acts of terror obey the various government decisions and laws.  Assuming that they do is foolish.  So it is perhaps, in my mind at least, likely that a ban would keep those out who are law abiding.  It is how I see the gun laws.  If we want fewer guns in the hands of criminals, you might limit the numbers of guns, but the criminals will almost certainly remain armed.

And so it is self defeating to obsess over the ban.  It isn't going to stop the determined, and the innocent will be paying for what the determined have done, and will attempt to do.  It is similar to the prescription laws.  Because there are people who misuse and become dangerously addicted cannot stop themselves, those who DO behave and follow the law, and do not commit violations have their access to pain relief, to healing meds, and more restricted.  We treat citizens like we do children.  If one suffers, regardless of the reason, the lowest common denominator causes the lawful to be judged out of fear for the others.

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