Saturday, January 28, 2017

Crisis world

The world, someday, will die.  And should we fear the inevitable?  Yes and no. 

America and the world around it have witnessed a US president making choices that are far different from the previous 8, and even some say ever, years prior.  We can witness the outrage, the discontent, and the fear surrounding the decisions.  But as Jesus said as to our need to help the poor, "there will always be the poor"(paraphrased), the problems being faced remain the same.  War, Disease, Starvation, and Pollution.  Global warming beckons, immigration crisis looms, slaughter of the innocent goes on, forever onward.

So we have no excuse to ignore the poor.  It will be here, whatever we do, so let us address it. I do not altogether agree with or support the president's acts.  They are overreaching.  They are war like.  But they only point with an ardent focus to our failing world policies.  America continues to orbit between two ever widening poles of views.  America spent the last 50 years being the police man of the world, since we chose this position, with the nuclear weapons used in Japan.

I do think that Trump is different than Obama.  As Obama was to Bush.  The complete insanity of the system that divides Americans every 4 years, and beyond that for certain every 8 years, we get nothing permanently done.  Thus, we are in a negative cycle where creative efforts at problem solving need to be used for an escape from the cycle.

We cannot turn our back to the needy.  They will always exist.  So we have no excuse.

Unless you prefer War, Disease, Starvation and Pollution.

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