Monday, December 19, 2016


Many people have difficulty accepting change.  But in reality, the only thing a person's life can expect to have happen, is birth, eating, drinking, shitting, peeing, sleeping, and change.  Nearly everything else remains unwritten.  Change is part of the human story, and some of our bodies are not what we see them as, from the inside.

I have never personally seen myself as female.  I never saw myself as gay, but I did wonder why the hell women ignored me.  But that was more about being an intense poet guy than anything else, I think.  But in modernity we have changed almost all forms of traditional interpretation to modern.  Families formerly had two parents, now they can be a mix and match of adults and kids, but without even kinship.  Marriage used to be between two opposite sex adults, but now it is not.  And it used to be that people were forced to accept the fact that if you were born in one body, that body determined what gender you were to be called.

That has changed.  To some this is a matter of enormous importance.  There is fear over use of gender labeled bathrooms, fear over the use of what terms to use to call a person, and how to address the person and how to think about them.   I have many gay and lesbian friends.  I love them all.  I have had a few transgender friends.  All I could think when dealing with them, was not why does this chick have facial hair, but my god how brilliant their talent, or how bright their mind.  I am no saint, nor am I suggesting that everyone who has gender issues is brilliant or talented.  They are in my experience brave and talented because they have had to be such a powerful individual to follow through with their choice to follow their instinct, whatever society tells them.  I am amazed and moved by that.

I have nothing prideful to say about my penis.  It is what it is.  But to have a mind issue about my body that would make me abhor  having a penis?  Holy shit, I cannot imagine that.  And so, I welcome change, this era of freedom to be different is fucking awesome.  I realize there are many prejudiced against the people who shift genders.  I understand why they do, even while I disagree.  But for me this is the big change that will be a line we've crossed that makes our world better.  Individualism cannot go much further than perceptions of self, to the point of surgery and presentation of one's gender.

God bless everyone, whatever the gender, orientation, political party, belief in god, ideas about the future, taste in food, art, culture, or thoughts upon pizza.  

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