Sunday, November 6, 2016

CONAN, one muscular sonuvabeach

Robert E. Howard created the character and world of Conan, the Barbarian.

The works are vibrant accounts of a man of action, who has lived by the law of the sword and steel.  His goodwill towards any other person can be seen as pragmatic, but additionally, the character is himself not evil, so much as not having a great spiritual character to guide him.  In fact, his instincts towards heroism, and honor are guided by his world as much as his beliefs.  And facing the barbarism, he is a reflection of that, at the same time as he stands as a commentary upon civilization, where polite speech and manners are hiding the still dark hearts inside.

Most of Robert E. Howard's works have entered public domain, but his character Conan is trademarked and is the property of Disney.  Various attempts have been made over the decades to interpret the character through more literature, movies, cartoons, and role playing games.   Through the acquisition of the license to use the character and world, these attempts have stood in the lack of more work from the dead author.

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