Monday, October 3, 2016

Bombs Away

Human acquisition and use of atomic weaponry has meant that the world since the end of World War 2 has been one with annihilation at a flip of a switch.  From the beginning of the era, the nuclear warfare risk has risen and fallen as has the tensions of the world.  But while the major powers had some frightening moments, the current fear is one where a rogue state or terrorist group acquires nuclear weapons and destroys a city.  The world would respond as it had in 9/11's terror strikes, I am sure.   But beyond that initial attack the world would respond differently militarily. 

Assembled here are some images of events and scenes and equipment of the nuclear warfare scenario.  Also, there are the books featuring a crisis causing or the actual event of the Third World War.  There are presented also board games with the trigger events, but beyond that the full on wars in depth.  The best though, are the movies listed. The human drama of nuclear tragedy is highly conducive to film, television and even youtube.

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