Sunday, October 23, 2016

Because I serve

I am a believer in Jesus Christ.  I believe that my role as a Christian is to be a warrior.  And I believe that I will be called upon to serve in the eternal host's army.  I am not perfect, I have numerous enormous personal flaws.  This isn't a statement of greatness, but of duty.

I am often asked "What kind of Christian are you?".  I believe the question is meant to elicit an answer to discern whether I am a right wing, evangelical, Born Again sort, or a different sort. I welcome the questions, people have to live out their lives and serve whoever they serve.   I would suggest that while I am flawed, broken in many ways even, that trying to live a morally perfect life is close to impossible.  Therefore the guidelines of Christian life help me endure.  I don't translate my faith to politics, or, if I do, I am a monarchist.  It doesn't work well with democracy or voting.

So what kind of Christian am I?

I try to share when I have abundance.  I try to uplift and help others in areas I have the ability to do so.  I try to be a good citizen.  I believe in prayer.  I believe in being redeemed by the blood of the perfect sacrifice Jesus Christ.  I try, often failing, to forgive.  I try to be steadfast in faith, not solely resorting to God when I am desperate nor crowing about my faith when I am successful.  God calls on me to be fearless, and I only fear things that I cannot change.  But if my number is called and I am to die, I am in no way afraid of death.  I believe in an afterlife.  I do not know, however, how a number of things happened.  I trust that if God is great enough to create a world and cosmos, however things might have happened, it is by the hand of God.

My church experience is rather vast.  I was baptized a Lutheran, confirmed a Methodist, reawakened in a Charismatic non denomination Protestant church, I enjoy the ritual and beauty of Catholicism despite have certain issues.  If I am anything I am Christian.  Any further need to discern who I am can be understood from my work, and from my personal witness.

If I have failed to demonstrate by my life what I believe, then I believe you are hurt.  Therefore, I live as best I can with the world around me being witness to my loyalty and reason.  While I do not see myself as a "role-model" for anyone but my son, my son is a person with endless potential.  Therefore, that single person needing me to be a role model is a very important one.

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