Sunday, October 16, 2016

A prophet is not a hometown hero

I write poems.  Mostly I write poems about the world we are creating, and have left to our children.  I write essays about the same.   I write about love, because it is a common, universal experience.  But mostly, I think about the future, and how humans have screwed this world.  When a pastor who has numerous books in print and a wide radio audience read my work he said that I was a prophet, my poetry is a calling to the heart of people.  And maybe I am, I guess I am uncertain.  But the truth about a prophet that remains true is: from Luke 4:24  "Truly I tell you," he continued, "no prophet is accepted in his hometown."  I have only the fewest but most loyal of friends.  The attempts to sell my work fall upon deaf ears, because no one listens to a prophet until it is too late.  And selling books of poetry is not an easy sale, and certainly beyond poetry, a poet who writes not for academia or the journals and coffee shops, that guy is not going to sell.  So I am a prophet I guess.  So are some other people who did better than I have, exponentially better.

For example, I don't believe that I'd like Pat Buchanan in person, nor do I agree with what I've read of his solutions to problems, nor his dislike of Jews. But he has a way, however dark his purpose, or his soul, of presenting the truth that is well laid out and often prescient.

In 1999 with His work A Republic, Not an Empire Before the 2000s had begun, takes three chapters and lays out the future wars in the world, and why, as well as how the world will fall apart over a desire by US notions of policing of the world state. He did not treat the GOP of GW Bush any better than the Democrats of the Clintons.

This was preceded by his roiling of the American society by the 1992 Culture war speech at the GOP convention. Was the stage set for a division of left and right? In his prescient view, it certainly was, and had been.

He is a flawed, entirely flawed messenger, and I am not offering him up for a leader. I am just saying that the world we live in now and are confused by and driven mad due to, was one that was predicted to the howls of protest of others. However right, or wrong morally his views, he rightly saw that the road was paved towards a fully divided society based upon the values of religious people and secular people, and the nether regions between.

But the most frightening of predictions, was how he looked at the fact that the world will turn to Russia for leadership after American offers of help end in failure. Unlike some people, Paul Erhlich for instance predicted a world of billions and billions of people before 2000 AD, Buchanan shredded the easier to accept pie in the sky without exaggerating. My reading of other than American interpretations of world affairs has revealed many different pieces of the puzzle. The current that is rising is captured in a phrase "Better Putin than Muslim".

Is that a world that we want?

Non constructive comments/debate here will be deleted, I am only offering this to suggest that the world is on fire, and sometimes we can't predict who the fireman will be who puts it out. I just know, if it doesn't get put out, it will burn every house, every apartment, and every building.

We are all divided, but these divisions are not according to merit, talent, intelligence. Every side of the debate needs to be fairly addressed. Because right now in America we have one side who hates the other and says blah blah and blah, and on the other side we have someone who hates the other and says blah blah blah or blah. Did you ever think, maybe that there just might be more sides to an issue, a complex issue of life and death, than yes or no?

Our divisions are real, but at one time they were two sides of the same coin.  Now we don't even use the same currency.

"Bushido is realized in the presence of death. This means choosing death whenever there
is a choice between life and death. There is no other reasoning." Tsunetomo Yamamoto

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