Friday, August 5, 2016

I never met him, but I've read him



Over the years I've begun to read many authors of horror.  Few though, I bothered to finish reading.  The reason for that is simple, horror is about taking the reading through a place they don't want to go, and returning mostly whole, perhaps shaken, but entertained by the adventure.  Many authors of modern horror write splatter porn.  Stories that replace dread with blood and viscera flying. Other horror writers write about torture or abuse, instead of danger, and fear. 

I found over the years of reading his work that Brian Lumley knows how to write about horror.  He rarely uses curse words, or illustrates by pornographically describing the subjects of his stories.  I find his characters to be salty, but wise, eloquent but border on sage idiot savant in matters of the other side of reality. 

Necroscope is a different sort of vampire world, where psychic terror and life sucking powers exist to threaten the unwary.   Harry Keogh and kin have fought these "vampires" for as long as he and his family have existed.  The Keoghs are gifted with psychic powers that they use to fight the enemy.

I wanted here to share the awesomely dark beauty of the covers chosen.  Enclosed are covers from Germany and the UK.

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