Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I love Japan

As a historian I've read, studied, and researched Japan.  The culture, the military history, the people and the mythic beliefs are sources of constant interest for me.  I've been a believer in a religion from the western civilization, but I practice it as one who uses the mental and spiritual learning I found in Japan, and primarily, the Samurai warrior.  I am not a person who transcends culture, I have a separation due to language, a haze across my eyes due to time, and more.  But I do love Japan.  I love Japan very much.

I am not a person who watches a ton of movies.  But I moved deeply by many aspects of Japanese culture, including the cinema of Japan.  From the children's entertainment to adult concepts, the cinema from Japan is my world of comfort and interest.


I read about Japan nearly every day.  Sometimes in fiction, sometimes in non-fiction, often I read about the military history.


There are a great variety of comics from and about Japan that I am a fan of.

Comic Books aka Manga and Anime

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