Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Approaching Armageddon

How to vote in a system that ignores most of the people...

I am not here to say we should all vote.  Some people vote without a clue who they vote for.  I am not here to say not vote.  I believe that democracy needs informed voters to work.  But then between these two points we have an enormous chasm filled with variant ideas.  Some argue you should never use a vote against someone, but rather to give a vote is to say I believe in ___.  Others say a vote is meant to be the voters way of sending a message.  I believe it should, but I do not believe that it does.

Voting for either of the two mainstream candidates suggests you are a part of the mainstream.  But if you do say so, ask yourself, what part of it are you?  The system favors two parties as the deciders of our leadership.  One is center left, the other is center right.  If you believe in the message of either good for you, but the system of favoring centrists might has kept away dictators, but hasn't really addressed any of the issues we have in the country.

After two centuries, how many women have we elected president?  After two centuries how many Americans of color have we elected president?  How many people who are gay or transgendered have we elected president?  The two party system is good for the status quo, and that is all it is good for. 

We have a country that now has many voices that have a legitimate demand to be heard.  If you vote for Hillary Clinton however, are you voting for her ovaries or her views?  If you vote for a male, as has been done for two centuries, are voting for his having testicles?  You cannot vote simply for the equipment the candidate has or was born with, you have to consider the viewpoints they will bring to the forefront.  The Left has continuously argued that Donald Trump is a fascist or bully, racist or jerk.  I think it is all fair to think or accuse this, any candidate places themselves and their views up for consideration.  But the voice of Trump that resounds is found in the numbers of people who feel the previous 8 years of Democratic leadership to have gone to far.  He appeals to people who don't care if he is all those accusations.  He isn't a prince charming, he is a jerk who tells you, supposedly, like it is. 

I have done work with professors and non profit organizations regarding political maps and predictions of where a message might resonate.  I cannot begin to predict who will win in November, because I doubt the polls, and I doubt the system.  I am not sure where I will vote, except to say, it is unlucky to be cast for the centrists , rather for the outlaying candidates and parties who haven't a chance to win.

I did an exercise with a professor for a class wherein we tore apart the vote of a presidential election.  With a low voter turnout the result showed that less than 30% of the population had their voices heard and rewarded.  That isn't, actually, a good thing.  The political debate makes every election sound as if 49% will be in the minority, and 51% will be in the majority.  But we don't, ever, have that.  So my point after all of this is to suggest, we need to change the system, respond to all views, because the results we get bring morons to the front of leadership, and we do not get candidates that work for anyone but their voters.

I don't want Hillary Clinton for president.  I don't want Donald Trump for president.  But with the system we have, so unequal, maybe they are who we deserve.

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