Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I love Ultraman. My problem is that there isn't enough good Ultraman for me to see. I also love Godzilla and friends. The fact that they live in a world that seems to be shared is all the better, for me.

Monday, May 23, 2016

3 Short Stories

In the deepest keep of the most high Emperor
Fools trigger an ancient artifact
Without knowing the consequences
Moments later, screams are heard
And a warrior has been attacked
Ambushed in fact
By the released beast from the hells
A demon with inhuman hungers
After release from a millennia long slumber
The battle is uneven, with a warrior who refuses to die
And a demon who has just been awakened
The naginata causes blood and parts to fly
And the tentacles lash gashes in the unshaken foe
Together one is content to die in honor
The other retreats, content to live in shame
And neither die this night
But this demon has a name
It is Cthulhu's spawn
And it will return
Just as came
This night

The crows gather upon the beach, feasting upon the left over remains of the human wasted food.  They are loud, cawing towards each other, and they screech at those watching from a distance, for they cannot tolerate this disgusting insane world of humanity.  We take, kill, and leave behind most of the flesh, to decay and be wasted.   We are fools, to live at the top, and never look how easy it will be for us all to fall.

In the Dream Lands you can become what you can imagine
But not everyone imagines life in the same fashion
So some fear and attempt never to be noticed
And they are eaten by the least dragons
Others are bold and never show fear
Leaving the dead enemies in their wake
And their own family dying of famine
Of emotional starvation
And others can't believe
That this place allows them to take wing
And soar above the desert floor
They rise above the world's damnation
And never look back
For they are alive and flying
Far away from their fears

Monday, May 16, 2016

Considerations of the end

While I am not, as some suppose fixated upon the end, I do think about it. Here is a collection of images and thoughts, poems and quotes. Although images are presented in large form, click for further enlargement.

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Vietnam War in comic book form

For decades following World War 2 many comic books were made by people in the comics world that could be said to be lauding the accomplishments of the Allies and, in general, the victories of the same.  The events and battles of World War 2 were mostly uncontroversial, at least with the end results being agreed upon, along with most of the motives for the battles.  But the events of Vietnam both in terms of the individuals serving, whichever side they were fighting upon, and in terms of the politics and governments of the armies fighting, were not clean, so called black and white events.

Comic books about the war were few before the comic The Nam came out in 1987, aside from the occasional comic set in the war or as a flashback, but once the Nam came out, it opened the door to telling the story of the war.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016



Marvel Comics had sought to license the characters and title Kung Fu from the popular television series.  However it was impossible.  Instead, they turned to the works of Sax Rohmer and the universe of Fu Manchu.  The villain was an evil character, and while a variety of racist versions had been done, Marvel created an entirely able, brilliant enemy, who was fully fleshed out, and not a simple stereotype.  The character Shang Chi was a martial artist and son of Fu Manchu.  As such Marvel intertwined the worlds of Marvel Comics, British Intelligence, MI6 to fight Fu Manchu and his minions, (found in a vast number of enemies of the ancient and Asian variety).