Tuesday, May 31, 2016

broken ice

Have to run
oh God not now
No time for talking
I am freezing
Falling through the surface
The frozen shell betrays
Enticed into walking
Without the promise
Of safe passage
And I am lost
without you
lost without you
every day
You left
and I am left here
in a haze
lost without you
will be
since you left
me to be
the voices
I miss you

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

I believe that the cost of war is outrageous.  But I also believe that humans constantly make war and prepare for war because they refuse to behave differently enough to avoid war.

While war is horrible in cost of materials and lives, it is glorious in exploit and vanity.  Humans seem to me to love it, to desire it, to set themselves up to expect it, despite the knowledge that it is a horrible thing.

I cannot explain this in short time and detail.  I do believe, however, that in human history we've learned to avoid and stop many bad things, like slavery and other bad things.  Strangely, although some have tried, we have not found a way to stop making war.  When people refuse to not make a path to avoid different choices and decisions I believe it is for a reason, that they wish it to continue.

Perhaps I am wrong.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Pooch has been Screwed.

I believe in democracy, I believe in the dignity of the individual human right to express.   I am very frustrated that in this election cycle I've been threatened by people, who wrongly assume I support a candidate they despise, and try to have my work, comments, posts and such, removed.  The American left is the culprit, and for me, this is an enormous betrayal.  The idea of free speech is one that includes the concept that anything limiting it makes it unfree.  To me when the supporters of Bernie have attacked me, tried having my posts deleted, my blog censored, my ideas banned, they made their goals clear.  They are saying if they are being honest, that even if they are wrong they want no one able to speak in any way differently.  I refuse this idea.  I've endured and accepted numerous attacks, due to the idea that, I have a way to respond.  This is, in fact, my response.

And despite all this, I am not a Trump supporter.  I disagree with many of his ideas, comments, promises for the future.  I believe that immigrants are a resource, not a problem.  I believe that illegal entry to the country is an issue, but the concept of people entering the country to work and participate in the country is a good thing.   The idea of a wall is not wrong, a country has a right to build such a thing and there are countries who are great who have done similar things.  It is wrong, however, to say it is the fault of the other country that immigrants come in illegally.  This is my thought, if you put up a wall, and the immigrant flood stops, then watch how soon the signs for help wanted go up on businesses.  We've removed over 50 million possible entrants into the past two generations' work force, through abortion, and the concept that the non aborted of those generations will do the labor that immigrants do is almost certainly a tragic comedy.

I am not suggesting anything here.  I believe a wall is reasonable, a country has a right to build a barrier on its border.  I just believe that if the flood stops, other events will happen.

People say Trump hates women.   I think this is possibly false.  It is possibly false because it isn't the whole picture.  I believe he hates humanity.  He wishes it to be sanitized for his protection.  Some would argue that his debate performances wherein he took issue with the Fox News woman anchor was proof of his hatred.  I saw it as his refusal to be interrogated by a woman, for a news channel that had what he would think was an agenda to keep him from winning.  I cannot say anything positive about Trump and his view of women, but really, I am not a Trump supporter or apologist.

As a person who has lived a conservative existence, I am often told that people ASSUME that I am a card carrying Republican.  I am not.  I am also, for the record, not a Libertarian.  I won't go into detail, but who I am politically is a person who votes for who I consider to be the most moral leader.  And thus in 2016 I am completely screwed. 

I have heard that Clinton's Email issues are just mild mistakes, from Democrats.  I've heard that what she has done is treason, from Republicans.   Sanders wishes to do many things with money drawn from many new taxes, almost all upon the wealthy.  Having seen the charts and graphs of who pays how much of the taxes in America, I can understand those who say that what Sanders wants is both implausible for the modern world, and would likely shitcan the economy for a long time.  I am not, however, an economist.  I believe he is a moral person however, and between Clinton and Sanders, I would unabashedly vote for Sanders, if that was allowed to be my choice.  (It isn't a choice here, just saying, between the two...)

Trump stands alone on the right, and I cannot, will not vote for him.  Therefore I am compelled to vote 3rd party and throw my vote away.  People say I am not throwing it away, but in a two party system voting anything but the two majority parties is spitting into the wind.

I hope this clarifies why I am screwed in 2016. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I am not going to bow before the cultural guardians and stop being honest in order to save someone's sensitive feelings, nor do I intend to be an asshole and hurt feelings intentionally, simply because I am able.  If that is going to mean I am punished, so be it.

I happen to be white, that doesn't mean I am anti-Black.
I happen to be straight, I happen to be completely ok with GLBTI people.
I am male, it doesn't mean I think women are my playthings or beneath me.

I refuse the labels of society, as should everyone.

All I know is, I am a Christian, husband, writer, father, son, brother, poet, writer & romantic. All else negotiable.

Monday, May 23, 2016

3 Short Stories

In the deepest keep of the most high Emperor
Fools trigger an ancient artifact
Without knowing the consequences
Moments later, screams are heard
And a warrior has been attacked
Ambushed in fact
By the released beast from the hells
A demon with inhuman hungers
After release from a millennia long slumber
The battle is uneven, with a warrior who refuses to die
And a demon who has just been awakened
The naginata causes blood and parts to fly
And the tentacles lash gashes in the unshaken foe
Together one is content to die in honor
The other retreats, content to live in shame
And neither die this night
But this demon has a name
It is Cthulhu's spawn
And it will return
Just as came
This night

The crows gather upon the beach, feasting upon the left over remains of the human wasted food.  They are loud, cawing towards each other, and they screech at those watching from a distance, for they cannot tolerate this disgusting insane world of humanity.  We take, kill, and leave behind most of the flesh, to decay and be wasted.   We are fools, to live at the top, and never look how easy it will be for us all to fall.

In the Dream Lands you can become what you can imagine
But not everyone imagines life in the same fashion
So some fear and attempt never to be noticed
And they are eaten by the least dragons
Others are bold and never show fear
Leaving the dead enemies in their wake
And their own family dying of famine
Of emotional starvation
And others can't believe
That this place allows them to take wing
And soar above the desert floor
They rise above the world's damnation
And never look back
For they are alive and flying
Far away from their fears

Friday, May 20, 2016


While the famous and great poets are followed and supported, the truth is, most poets are not.  It doesn't mean that the less popular and less great poets do not exist or do not matter.  They simply starve, or become obscure and forgotten.  The sacrifice they are asked to give causes them to feel the pain of existence more, become insane more, and understand reality more.  Life is difficult, and more the case for true poets.  Poets are not often thought of as rock stars or popular or the voice of a generation.  They are the recorders of the culture and the generations the poet exists in and amidst go along like waters of a stream, and the poet observes, records and shares.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Considerations of the end

While I am not, as some suppose fixated upon the end, I do think about it. Here is a collection of images and thoughts, poems and quotes. Although images are presented in large form, click for further enlargement.

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Vietnam War in comic book form

For decades following World War 2 many comic books were made by people in the comics world that could be said to be lauding the accomplishments of the Allies and, in general, the victories of the same.  The events and battles of World War 2 were mostly uncontroversial, at least with the end results being agreed upon, along with most of the motives for the battles.  But the events of Vietnam both in terms of the individuals serving, whichever side they were fighting upon, and in terms of the politics and governments of the armies fighting, were not clean, so called black and white events.

Comic books about the war were few before the comic The Nam came out in 1987, aside from the occasional comic set in the war or as a flashback, but once the Nam came out, it opened the door to telling the story of the war.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Mighty Beast that turned the tide

Role: Ground-attack aircraft 
Manufacturer: Ilyushin Design Bureau 
First flight: 2 October 1939 
Introduction: 1941 
Retired: 1954
Primary user: Soviet Air Force 
Produced: 1941–1945
Number built: 36,183

In the Second World War the need for tactics of Air Support of Ground troops/units led directly to Ground Support Aircraft.  The reason for this was that in the First World War, any sort of attacks or support were spontaneous acts or decisions that went beyond the mission of the aircraft at hand.  The time between wars allowed for the manufacture and modification of tactics and aircraft to both attack enemy ground units, and support the ground units allied.

The use of the Stuka aircraft in the Luftwaffe during the Blitzkrieg attacks in Poland impressed the rest of the world, and particularly of the Soviet Union.  The Shturmovik was already on the design board and in production, but the use of such a plane was now able to be seen in action.  Josef Stalin called for full production of the IL-2.  His push led to the increased numbers of the plane, and when various weaknesses were shown, instead of scrapping the plane, the designers redesigned certain aspects.  More bottom armor was added, a rear gunner was added, and as the war went on other improvements went on.

The use of the IL-2 en masse led to breakthroughs at various times on vital fronts against the Germans, and Germany's allies.  Stalin called the plane the most important weapon against the Nazis, and perhaps that was true. 



Assisting in your hunt

The point of this brief work is to suggest some excellent series to read that can take a weekend.  Some of the works are better than others.  But the general point is to suggest that these works are worth the hunt.  The Setting: Weekends in summer, when you are home, alone in a quiet location, cat or dog at your side, cold drink on the table, gentle breeze coming through the window, a fan running on low...

The Dark Sun is a setting for a game, but was a fictional world that was perfect for fiction.  Troy Denning created a five book series featuring a group of heroes of a sort that the Dark Sun world might produce.  Filled as it was with half giants, dragons, slaves, pit fighters, and all the horror of a extreme desert world, survival alone required heroism.

“The Mouser sighed. The moment had come, he knew, as it always did, when outward circumstances and inner urges commanded an act, when curiosity and fascination tipped the scale of caution, when the lure of a vision and an adventure became so great and deep-hooking that he must respond to it or have his inmost self-respect eaten away.” 

“What do I know of cultured ways, the gilt, the craft and the lie?
I, who was born in a naked land and bred in the open sky.
The subtle tongue, the sophist guile, they fail when the broadswords sing;
Rush in and die, dogs—I was a man before I was a king.”

Robert E. Howard

“When gods die, self-respect buds', murmured Orland Fank. 'Gods and their examples are not needed by those who respect themselves and, consequently, respect others. Gods are for children, for little, fearful people, for those who would have no responsibility to themselves or their fellows.”  Michael Moorcock

“Men told that Kane was a giant in stature, more powerful than ten strong men. In battle no man could stand before him, for he fought with a sword in either hand - wielding easily weapons that another warrior could scarcely lift. His hair was red as blood, and he feasted on the still-beating hearts of his enemies. His eyes were the eyes of Death himself, and they cast a blue flame that could shrivel the souls of his victims. His only delight was in rapine and slaughter, and after each victory his banquet halls echoed with the tortured screams of captive maidens.”  

Karl Edward Wagner

Tuesday, May 3, 2016



Marvel Comics had sought to license the characters and title Kung Fu from the popular television series.  However it was impossible.  Instead, they turned to the works of Sax Rohmer and the universe of Fu Manchu.  The villain was an evil character, and while a variety of racist versions had been done, Marvel created an entirely able, brilliant enemy, who was fully fleshed out, and not a simple stereotype.  The character Shang Chi was a martial artist and son of Fu Manchu.  As such Marvel intertwined the worlds of Marvel Comics, British Intelligence, MI6 to fight Fu Manchu and his minions, (found in a vast number of enemies of the ancient and Asian variety).