Sunday, April 17, 2016

Time to flee, too many morons for me.

If evil is black, neutral is gray, and goodness is white on a color continuum, human nature is light gray.  That is, that is what I have been led to believe, and have been led astray to believe.  I grew up being told that people are good deep down.  That the only really bad people were sick, not evil, and that you should trust in the good nature of humanity.  Well, I do think most people would like to be good.  But if it is easier to do something gray than white I think more than half of the people will do what serves them best.  I am not a pessimist, despite appearances.  I don't automatically assume the worst.  But I am prepared for it.  The reason being, I've been damaged in life by trusting too much various people who were speakers of doing good, but were doers of doing themselves good, whatever the result for others. 

But there is another factor in the world.  It isn't just morality or ethics.  There is a lack of wisdom, and a dependence upon electronics to do the work that used to involve humans and books.  The act of researching has many tangential benefits.  You need a base of knowledge to add more, you need an awareness of how to research, and you need to have a goal, which requires an understanding of the context of the knowledge.  Or you can type find me Tacos on your phone.

I sometimes wonder if the human race has become so mentally flawed that it will destroy itself before the forces of God's prophesized End Times get an opportunity to do so.  There is clear evidence every single day that we are not advancing, not growing brighter, but either in decline or a tragic plateau.  The evidence can be found in news reports, the tone of humor, what humans do for entertainment, and how often they resort to violence to resolve their issues.



Moron in Toronto risks life to retrieve hat.

Former President Bill Clinton jokes about shooting every 3rd banker.

Sovi... Russian Jets Buzz US Naval forces in Baltic Sea

Firefighters respond to emergency, get shot, no charges filed


Apologies for offending, not for the actual racism

Comedian sort of apologizes for shaming singer, sort of

Crappy comedian apologizes for making up shit



Kanye West is a moron

Football is the modern Circus Maximus

UFC is a bloodsport





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