Friday, April 8, 2016

HALF dot com considered

Half is better than a Whole?

Since my mom died I’ve been trying to organize my life.  It has been my natural response to funerals of people I love to follow them with long periods of sorrow and grieving, depression and sleeping long periods of time, and organizing my life. This is so that if I am the next to die my property, little though it be, will be found and people will receive what they are to be given.

The ability to foresee and plan to make certain I was ahead of my deadlines was one that I might have developed living with my parents.  Both were ardent perfectionists who came from the Depression era and had learned that to be perfect or try to be, was a means of control of their life.  It isn’t something that works for me, but, in the case of funerals and aftermath, I am someone who perhaps replayed this response to crisis with lessons from growing up.  In 2012 Fall my mother passed, as had been expected, it wasn’t unforeseeable.  But the toll upon me was major.  I had prepared for it, I had done all the things I should, but, it was no real comfort.

At the time of this all a partner in a couple projects asked me to contribute to things that I was in no way interested or willing to do.  I had completed my two work projects with him, and he had yet to complete his, in fact, he was yet to begin his. It would be true to say that I was frustrated by him, and his requests, but more for the fact that they pushed off his real work, so that other less important to me projects would be finished.  In the end neither project will come out, for related but not altogether important reasons.  I had prepared for my mother’s passing by finishing ahead of time all of my projects that had been ongoing.  So I passed off on the requests, despite his confusion as to my reasons.  This isn't meant to poop on the artist, he is a talented person but needs better organization skills, and to learn to read emails. 


The depression I suffered extended then into 2013, without abatement.  And, after a horrible series of physical catastrophes, a micro-fractured back, 2 hip separations, and other issues, I began to throw off weight by the buckets.  It turned out to be from the cancer developing in my body, and other issues.  Now I was being faced, along with my wife, of about 15 k in outside expenses, for two years in a row, despite being fully covered by insurance.  I sold books and anything else that I could to raise money.   I honestly didn’t have that much to sell, so that I could is a comment about the awesome people I call my friends and family.  One fellow even sent me 50 dollars to help me through, without strings attached.  I never had met him but for some interchanges on message boards.  Other people were there too.  My world and possessions includes books, art, cats, clothing, and comic books.  That is pretty much it.  And so I carried out a sale of works I did not need, and paid some bills with it, and used the rest to restore other portions of my book collection.  


The best site for my purchase of books wavered between Ebay and Half.Com.  The sellers on Ebay have less wiggle room regarding condition and performance as a seller.  But on you can buy more specifically, broadly and cheaply.  The problem there is that there are no images of what you are buying.  The result of that is that you become very wary of shysters, and very comforted by honest business people.   

In my experience the three best sellers on Half.Com are:  Wonder BooksBooks Squared &  Better World Books.  Each has a great customer service, great prices and, since you cannot see the product you are buying, a very important and consistent grading system.   Some places on Ebay and I avoid like nobody’s business.  But, since your mileage may vary, I am here to just report on the company’s I have had 100% success with.   I deeply appreciate the fact that while I had to sell most of my comic book collection, and some of my military history collection,  I used about ¼ of what I sold to buy a number of beautiful poetry books that I will use for the remainder of my life.   The comic book tpbs I still have will eventually go to my son, so, I tried to draw the line at, things he would surely end up buying himself if I were to sell them.  I’ve used a number of sites to buy books, but has with it protections, safety measures for both buyers and sellers, and feedback so you can measure the service of the sellers.  Listed below are the main links I could find to the sellers.  I wish you well upon your own hunt.  Godspeed, and may you return safe from the quest.

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