Monday, April 25, 2016

Games, Mags and Stuff

As I've shown some of the gaming magazines from the UK that I collected, I decided I should show some of the game magazines and games I collected, some I liked more than others, and, this grouping is missing TSR products, and that is intentional.  I played/play D&D, but since that was my focus, I could do many articles upon them alone.

The Ghoul Copyright Les Edwards
Tunnels & Trolls was a game I played rather early on and while it was a little bit simple, it was also suitable for sole play.  And I spent a lot of time alone for reasons I don't care to remember.  So I have a soft spot in my heart for this.  The magazine aimed at the game, Sorcerer's Apprentice was hard to find, just like the game.  But, it was always worth the time and money I spent, it was worth using it for game ideas and even if it wasn't directly used for T&T, it was often applicable to my ongoing campaign in my D&D world.

Shadis was an independent role-playing game magazine.  It was a very good read, it offered numerous ideas for an ongoing campaign, and was never what was called a House Organ magazine.  The best part of Shadis in the beginning was Knights of the Dinner Table, but, when that comic left for greener pastures at Dragon magazine (TSR's House Organ) Shadis was doing very professional quality work.  I even subscribed, and that means, with me being a cheap ass, I liked it a lot.

Unlike Shadis, where I found something useful with every issue, Pyramid was a magazine that I read and loved, and rarely found a use for.  But, again, I loved it.  It was written well, nicely illustrated, and was entertaining throughout.  If one considers buying for pragmatic reasons, this was a bad buy, but I looked forward to every issue coming out.  It was a House Organ of Steve Jackson Games, and I like them a lot, but never really used them much.  Still...

Knights of the Dinner Table:  A comic strip with characters you meet when you play a variety of RPG's.  It is funny, and magnificent.  Well worth the cost, and more.

KOBOLD Quarterly was great.  Totally brilliant in every way, well written, great illustration, great ideas.  The magazine morphed into a game company, so some of the world is happier, and some is diminished.  Seek back issues out, they are well worth the cost and effort.

Different Worlds was a magazine devoted to the game Runequest.  Despite being a House Organ for that game system, it still had a number worthwhile features.  The writing was interesting, different and had a way about it that inspired my campaigns that made them have a difference than most D&D worlds I've experienced.

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