Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Different kind of Crusade

THE NORTHERN CRUSADES are often forgotten, because they did not cross "racial" lines.  But they did cross territorial and religious lines, and the number of dead piled up.  The Pagan roots of the Baltics and Poles, and many other regions being converted and religiously cleansed is barely noted, remembered and howled at in historic memory, versus that of the Christian Crusades versus those who held Jerusalem and Islam.  There is a comment to make, the Crusades began from military expediency responding to the Moorish Muslims by the Spanish Christians trying to take back the land that had been conquered.  Everything thereafter flowed from that.  Rightly or otherwise.

The greatest two battles won against the Crusaders were the Battle of Lake Preipus and the Battle of Tanneberg.  However, the mass conversion of most of Europe to Christendom was impossible to stop.  But the story of it is lost in the blame casting about other kinds of Crusades.

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