Monday, April 25, 2016



We are all made in a delicate, fragile, tender package.  How gentle life must treat us, or we shall break.  We wish to reach out, spread our influence, our knowledge of the universe, and power.  But will it be that we can do so?  Or will the first contact be our final contact?

Whether humans realize it or not, there is arrogance of a grande scale to think that they are powerful enough, smart enough, and wise enough to expand into space.  The unknown is not the problem.  The known is.  Humanity, and not simply white humans preying upon the other humans, has a history of those possessing higher technology using if not outright killing those with lesser technology.  Slavery, epidemics, war and trade imbalances were just some of the unjust experiences.  Will the lessons of the past be remembered?  Perhaps yes.  But, what will happen when humanity as a whole learns that it is now on the lower end of the equation?  Will inviting Alien contact be worthwhile then?

I am a great fan of the Alien movie franchise.  I've read many of the books in the Alien universe, and I enjoy most everything about it all.  Having said that, I think the fear of contact is a good thing to be aware of, as the universe almost certainly holds surprises that are greater, more intelligent, more dangerous than humans can defeat.

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