Friday, March 11, 2016

Who is she?

 We are the Whore.

The Whore of Babylon is said to be the queen of sin.  But it is not a woman, not a single person nor a single gender, it is a metaphor for a group of people or a thing.  In this case it is a False religion that leads others astray due to its desire to worship itself, and the worship of consumption.  In the past it was considered the Catholic church.  In more recent times it has been aimed at Jerusalem and Mecca.  But I believe if we are in the end times, and I am uncertain, it sure feels like it though, that it would have to be Hollywood, or America.  We preach to the world our beliefs about democracy and free markets, and watch as countries fall to ruin due to massive debts and corruption, as they are unable to change due to the profiteers.  We tell people to do things but then stand and watch as they starve, while we have wheat that ferments from spoilage in our silos.  We are surely teaching a lesson, but not one of sharing, not one of how great democracy or capitalism are.  We teach the world that they should aspire to be like us, and then make porno movies, consume animal species until they go extinct, and we refuse to help others unless there is a profit in it for ourselves.

I am not saying all Americans are bad.  I don't even think most are bad.  I think most are good.  But those who acquire power and a voice to share with others, have achieved this through the institutions of the Whore, either business or politics, and they are unlikely to care about the consequence of how their acts hurt others, unless it hurts them personally.

Many wealthy people share money, and many politicians go into their career trying to fix the world.  I realize that.  But many more are seduced by power, and by pleasure.  And because we refuse to change the world ourselves, we all have a part in the guilt.

A vote for Clinton or Trump is a vote for business as usual.  So I intend to vote differently.  Just how, I don't know.  But I will.

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