Saturday, March 12, 2016

What a Surprise! Poems, Poets and Poetry

I often try to avoid speaking too much about poetry since it is a smaller area of interest for many people, and as such if I focus upon it I get very little response and few views.  However, I decided that, I love poetry, my work is mostly focused upon poetry, and I read it, enjoy it, think about it, and why should I not talk about it.
We are all different, of course, but this is not meant to push poetry down anyone's throat.  But it you do not like it, please do not complain.  Just look at it as a different form of art that you do not find moving.

Archilochus was a poet warrior from ancient Greece

Charles Baudelaire along with Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine was part of a movement of young fiery poets in France.

William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet who moved from beautiful Pre-Raphaelite lyricism to more modernist realism in his work.


Poets are not all alike.  They don't look alike, think alike, write alike, live in the same geographical regions, nor do they have the same histories.  The point is not that I think they should have all those factors in common.  But, I have to say, the poets that move me, are almost all male.  The likelihood that they move me due to common experience is pretty minimal.  But I do think there is a commonality of outlook that makes their words appeal to me most.

The image of different poets of both past and present shows a wide cross section of race, gender and nationality.  Also, probably, there is a great difference in the accessibility and success of works by the shown poets. 

What is exciting to me, is how the poets of the deep and ancient past, especially the great ones, were writing the new and normal works of the day.  The language of the day was found in verse, about the gods, the heroes, the tragedies and comedies, and the morality tales that were so very much absorbed and loved by society.  The poets of the Greeks, Romans, and in general ancient Europe were the rock stars of their day.  Philosophers were well thought of, but were also mistrusted as having a possible agenda.  Maybe those smart bastiches were secretly teaching our children to think or something...

The growth of poetry into the highest form of writing can be celebrated with the many collections of books.  Complete collections, analysis of works, thorough considerations of poems with the use of both historical and sociological considerations or using artistic analysis, or even considering poems as types of code, poetry reached a pinnacle of excellence by the mid 1800s, and nothing could push it off that very high place.  Except for every new medium that was more exciting and those which required less thought and effort.

    Many poetry works could have been used here, but these books are all quite good.

There are places to go to improve your writing and learn how to grow in poetry.  They might cost money, but, there isn't anything wrong with that.  The three listed here are not, by any means, the only ones.


Woodland Pattern Book Center

The Loft Literary Center

There are places to support books in general, but awesome places to buy poetry books.  They are moral, support their community and are a great place to build your own personal library of books.




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