Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ares Our Father

He does not offer grace
Or mercy
He is not kind,
Nor is he gentle
He is Ares
God of war
He speaks to our beast
Our savage hearts that burn
He commands that we listen
When the blood that boils
To savagery
Rise the apparition
Of glory
Of victory instead

We want to win
So much that it becomes
An addiction
We submit to the temptation
Of bloodlust
Oh the stories
That would be told
All true, we trust
Vanity stroked
More than the desire
For gold
We are to be legends

We will destroy the enemy
Because to let them live
Does not trigger our destiny
Our God Ares approves
We are his children
We are moved
By his blessing
And we are more
By our killing
Than by building
More by destroying
Than creating

Now from the present
We look upon our bloody past
We wonder why
Was spent so much energy
Fighting and killing
Until the sorrow wouldn't last
We tell ourselves
That we love peace
And that war is a last resort 

But with the 20th century behinds us 
We can see
That we are even more guilty
In the present
We will use force
Death is our friend
War is his comrade
And Ares is our consort
We are guilty unto
Perhaps come eternity
As those who came before
We are the very same to our shame
As Ares' Children we kill for sport

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