Sunday, February 21, 2016

Response to emails following the previous entry.

I have a public email, and people use it.  Mostly to spam me about cures for a small penis.  But I received almost a dozen emails about my previous entry about the Supreme court nomination.  Every single email was vile, and accused me of being partisan towards one side or the other.  One friend commented elsewhere that I am far too hopeful and the GOP is evil, the people are stupid, and they appeal to that. 

I am a-political.  That means, for me, that my views are not forged by my political benefits, but rather, I vote how my morals follow.  I might not benefit from Sanders or Trump, Clinton or Rubio, but if my heart says the person I choose is moral, that is how I will vote.  That is, I am not a pragmatist, and I do not write about politics from such a viewpoint.  I am not too hopeful, either, btw.  What I am is writing from logic, from my personal outlook.

Often people place upon me political views that are opposite my own if they dislike me, and the reverse in the case of if they actually like me.  I cannot speak to the accuracy of that system, except to say that my views have absolutely nothing to do with the popularity of my views, and they come from a place that most people find absolutely baffling.

I am not saying I want Mr. Obama to select a Left oriented Judge.  I am not saying anything regarding my own views.  What I am saying is, the GOP stands to lose more respect and esteem with childish antics against the lawful, normal, consideration that a sitting president can nominate a Supreme court candidate.  If the response by the congress is fair and honest the world would stop and stare with their mouths agape.  The response to any choice made by the White House will be met by the GOP with discredit, hyperbole, and disdain. If they are honest they should consider if the president sitting were a Republican, and had 8 months left before an election, and possible change in power by party.  If they were honest, that is.

So, this will appear to the majority of emailers that I am from the Democrat side of the equation.   People might know that I voted for Obama in 2008.  But I did not follow that in 2012.  I didn't vote Romney either, but, my position is one of refusing to align my views to fit a party.  My views align with the moral outlook I hold.  This seems to most people like I am equivocating.  But I can say this, I refuse to be forced into a vote or into the comfort of the herd by fear.  I believe in giving a vote, not voting against.  So, in 2016 I will vote, but exactly for who yet, I do not know.  The reason for that is simple.  I haven't liked anyone running for president.  But my political heroes have been Barry Goldwater, any number of the Kennedy family politicians, Ronald Reagan, and Winona LaDuke.   That is, every portion of the span of Liberal to Conservative, and Left to Right axis is covered. 

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