Monday, February 29, 2016

Death and Consequences

Life is the light
Death is the darkness
Some struggle from one
To reach the other
But they have no choice
They willingly enter the abyss
To some a skull becomes a souvenir
To others the flesh is torment never ending
As families gather, friends reminisce 
The photographs capture a moment
The words spoken over the body
The memorial services given
Some offered forgiveness
Some offered well wishes
Not all were insincere
Tears pour down, the funeral is done
The life in the body has passed
The spirit fled is gone
Oblivion waits the flesh
Bones, blood and skin fated to decay
Viscera and ichors of the fascination
With the ghosts and failures of our choices
Like a path upon a map
The consequences follow
The guilty cannot avoid damnation
We all enter the depths of eternal night
With so few who exit the other side
Into the light

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