Monday, January 11, 2016

Can't predict it.

The future world is neither one I have hope for, nor a strong knowledge of the events that will happen within.  All I know is that if I were to guess, it wouldn't sound good. People tend to assume therefore, that I am a pessimist.  That wouldn't be true.  I think that overall I tend to be a realist, and I try not to get to high (optimistic) or low (pessimistic).

My son's generation has a great challenge before them.  They stand before an enormous abyss on one side, and a universe of opportunity on the other.  They cannot slip, nor do they have the luxury of time to relax or sleep, this world's disasters and worries are so great as to make the next 50 years very crucial in the history of humankind.  I believe humanity could wipe itself off the face of the earth in war, overpopulation and collapse, or virus.  We could also reach the critical period of realization where nothing further can be gained with the resources and knowledge we have.  If we do not leap into the dark, we might be stranded on our blue, beautiful planet.

I am not a person who hopes for the darkness.  I believe in hope.  But we live between hopes and fears in our existence.  Everyone does.

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