Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Christianity, Planned Parenthood, Abortion with Caveats, and being the child of Rape

Continuing my commentary about Christianity in my world.

As a child of rape I am well aware that being adopted in 1963 might mean aborted in 1973.  My life, like many others in my situation were only allowed because of a blockage of all abortions.  When Roe v Wade happened, the gates opened for most abortions.   People speak about their views about rights to abortions, and rights of the unborn.  I am one person who considers the burden my existence placed upon my birth mother, and I realize it was a merciful act that she allowed me to live.  I am anti-abortion, but more pro-choice than pro-life in politics because I think when government makes moral decisions for people, people will choose to take underground their moral choices, and feel vindicated, however vulgar an act.  Allowing such an act gives credit for the moral development of the mother, and also, gives people the freedom to be confronted with their act.  I am not, however, a one issue voter, nor am I political about this issue.  The reason for that is I am aware of the choice, and if I had not existed, would anyone be the less?

Having said all that, I've seen hyperbole regarding Abortion center shootings and bombings.  People seek to call it terrorism, or Christian Terrorism.  Well, let me address that, because it is false.  The great majority of Christians I've spoken with, read the views of, watched, been aware of, consider abortion to kill life.  Therefore, if you allow abortion you are killing children.  So if you wish to call Abortion center bombings or shootings Terrorism, go ahead.  Abortion centers and Roe V Wade then is responsible for 54 million dead babies.  If you wish to go hard, you need to see both sides have a view.  No one is bombing the f'ing planned parenthood clinics because they get a boner from it.  Some are insane.  But many are morally troubled by a country allowing the murder and possible harvest of the unborn.

So for those who are able to understand my point, I offer a hyperbole poem, responding to being labeled with the Terrorism title, because I am a Christian.  No, I've not bombed, shot or even entered a Planned Parenthood office.  I've not had sex before marriage or outside of it.  I never had any sort of STD and I've had a single partner, my wife.  But, by virtue of the desire of some, I am painted with their wide paint brush and am included in their brush stroke saying White Christian Terrorist.

I am a Christian.  I believe in allowing people to choose.  Because I believe that making choices for people is a worse sin, than allowing people to make the wrong choice.  I believe that one does not cause people to live morally by legislating the choices people get to make.  Let me be crystal clear:  I believe the world would be better off without my having existed.  If you are reading this, and thinking this guy is nucking futz, I am not.  I wish so many things were different. But my words, ideas, and hope will change not one thing.  I resist the flow, and the tide is sweeping in wiping the land clean of all standing objects.  I won't be standing long.

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