Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Most of my books

Happy festive season...

You might have heard that I write.   It is true.  I even get published now and then.  I am a writer in as much as I am someone who gets poems that happen in my mind and I cannot do anything else well until I birth it.  When I write the poem it might not be perfect in original form, but the initial burst is important.  And, then I will work on poem, but, generally, the longer it has formed in my head, the more complete it arrives on the page.

I have an Amazon page that features many of my books.  If you wish to visit it...


If you have been a supporter of my work you'll know that I write a lot about King Arthur and the mythic and legendary cycles of the Round Table and Grail.  I love it, I love the historical search for the real Arthur, and think I could write more about, in fact, I have.  Lancelot is out of print, but Arthur Rex Eternus, Quest of Arthur, and King of Ages are all available. 


This is a category with my fictionalized autobiography, a cool comic, illustrated prose and illustrated epic poem story about Romans versus the Celts, a love story, Samurai, and the Faeries.  I loved writing these all.  I have very little to say other than contact me for more info if you are interested.


A Life of Ravens is my first book with my name on the cover.  It has my words illustrated by 27 artists.   I am pleased with four of these, play the shell game and try to guess the one that the publisher messed up by accident.  Hint, it isn't book 1, 3,4 or 5.  All of these are filled with things I love to write, and I'd recommend them if you like elves, dwarves, battle, and even the book I am frustrated by was good for the poems, the problem was in the submission of the wrong book proof for the printer, which was not my job.  Book two is also out of print.  The others can be bought through me or on Amazon.


Sasquatch was my first real credit.  I'd had two works that I'd submitted stolen and slightly changed and published by a couple of shysters, but, I really don't care because if I had my name on them now, I'd disavow them.  So, I have copies of all of these books except for Mysterious excretions... no no, Visions, Mysterious Visions.  Contact me for more info or to order.


I am 50% German, 25% Swedish and likely 25% Jewish according to adoption birth records and records searches and best guesses.  For some reason I have always been moved by Vikings.  My good friend Guy Morey said he believed I had blood of the Rus in me, and others thought me to be Asian some how.  But, I aspired only to know much about the Vikings and I don't think I would have been much of a Viking.  More like a guy who gets womped by them.

Anyway, The Savage Past is long out of print, but I have copies of both Ravens of Odin and Mythic Memories for sale.


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