Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Look back at a magnificent artist


Yes you read that name right.  And I am not
going to try to dance around any facts about
my friend Jeffrey Catherine Jones.  I knew her
as Catherine.  But she was born Jeffrey.

Artist Jeffrey Catherine Jones was a kind, gentle soul.  I interviewed her after a year of exchanging emails, and while the answers given to my question were rather evasive, and not particularly clear, they were by far more than I should have expected.  Life had in many ways hurt her.  She'd grown up as a male, and while always attracted to women, did not feel like her body reflected her thoughts, and her vision of her gender.

At a later age in life she had surgery, and hormone therapy.  And she went through a number of issues dealing with stress, depression and other issues I wasn't aware of and do not know now.   But, as I was beginning my public career as a creative person, she was beginning to end her own.  She wasn't planning an end, but rather, the cigarettes and various other momentary forms of distraction, had in fact ruined her lungs.  She died of pneumonia and other issues, with many great works still ready to birth.  I wasn't a close friend, but rather, someone who admired her courage, was awed by her talents, and found some great encouragement from her words.  And I miss her.   She was among the best artists of modern times.  And she is remembered for her skills and talents as a painter.

Her paintings  all rights copyright JCJones estate

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