Friday, September 25, 2015


I eat too much food.  And I am fat.  I eat too many calories.  Despite having lost weight and taken up a more healthy diet, I remain fat and I remain a meat eater.  I am, however, growing unconvinced that what I do is moral. Eating more than my share, is not evil, more careless, but eating meat is a subject I am preparing to deal with.

I believe that at one time we were meant to eat meat, and that as we were growing more intelligent we were allowed to eat meat, but now, when we can feed more people with the grain used than it takes to feed the meat to feed people, there is a moral paradigm that is changing.  Meat has become a math problem that doesn't work any longer.

I know people will argue that humans were given stewardship over the earth, and by that animals are lower upon the list than humans in God's eyes, but I might argue that it is only in degree that we are brighter, and only by degree that we should consider ourselves intelligent.  I do not believe that the reign of humanity over the earth is one that would be blessed by God, nor is it one that can last long in its present state.  We are on a path to oblivion, planetary oblivion.

After all, if you remove consideration for the soul, every animal, every being including humans is made of meat.  Nothing else.  It is only by the intellect we've built by saving our accomplishments and building upon them, and by our self awareness and language that we are higher in form than other beings of meat.  And when you look upon our record of kindness, of humane treatment of our own kind, we do not even look good in comparison to many of the creatures we consider ourselves to be superior.   Meat is meat, human or otherwise, and how we treat other humans, and animals, displays how evolved and how morally developed we are in our spiritual and moral development.  I see precious little.

First they inspect the corpses, and upon the approval, that the body was good for consumption, they flense the corpse, and toss out the left over remains. The process is too bloody for some to watch, but is done behind walls to hide the process from eyes that might be offended.

We string up the animals and hang them upon hooks, for the flesh to drain of blood, and for ease of the preparing the corpse.  Meat hooks make it all work so easy.

I wonder if we are marching the companions we share the world with, off the death camps.  If you accept that we are in authority over their care, I have to say, yes.  And it reminds me of a very deep sorrow humans committed upon other humans, as if we are all meat.

I am not of a mind that other people should take up my cause, and change.  This is my personal conviction, where it begins, and why I am.  When I can I don't eat meat.  When I have to, I reduce my intake.  People all have their own reasons, and I am not here to debate the issue.  As always, my views are simply speaking out loud explaining who I am, and how I came to be here.  I worry that the issues of the day are often inflated with ego and meaningless sacrifice, but I believe the issue here is real.  Our choices of how to treat each other have to play from beginning to end, when nobody is looking and into public view, and as someone who is trying to be moral, I have to walk that path, even if I like to eat the thing that I should not.

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