Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Favorite book and lovely covers

The book Cachalot by Alan Dean Foster is one of my favorites.  Mostly because it begins with a world where whales have been given a planet of their own, to live upon and control, as a means to apologize by humans for the destruction we've caused.   I love whales, maritime mammals emotionally move me, and the plight of the whale and the story of conservation is very moving to me.  At one time I thought I'd become a person who would fight for the ocean mammals through art, but I am not that talented.  Mr. Foster is though.  And I loved the book. 

These are all pics from public domain, particularly a US government website.  I was going to use them as facebook cover pics, and then thought, why not use them along with the covers of CACHALOT found below to show the awesome.


I've been a fan and reader of Alan Dean Foster since I began reading science fiction or fantasy.  So it is not a surprise for me that he has books in my all time favorite list.  His work belongs there.

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