Sunday, August 9, 2015


I mention my parents a great deal, with good reason, since they were a great part of who I became.  My brother, who was also adopted, was the reason, in part, that I survived my childhood, mentally and spiritually.  Now, he wasn't perfect, and he wasn't necessarily always looking out for me.  But, what he did was recognize that some portions of life were too difficult for such a sensitive person like me, and helped to deaden the blow.  He also included me with his friends, shared, and while life wasn't easy for either of us, he taught me through doing that reading books and comics was a great way to fill the mind.

I realize that he got the rotten end of the deal.  I am not much to offer.  But nonetheless, I am his brother, and I appreciate what he has done for me.

We didn't really fight.  I know boys challenge each other, and there was a little of that.  But overall, we didn't struggle.  We did unite in our efforts in life in some ways.  Of course, when you are young you don't altogether know what you are struggling against, or trying to achieve.  I do know that I dedicated my portion of the work I did in the book LANCELOT to him.  He was the person who embodied the concept of the knight who was loyal, but flawed.  He defended me.  So I have been blessed by having him as my brother.

"Men of all countries, unite into one family! Love is the mother of life, not hate!' My brothers! I hear this message sounding through the world!" Maxim Gorky

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