Friday, July 24, 2015

What if you complete your quest only to find out, THE KING IS DEAD?

I am a person who has seen his life as a journey, but also as a quest.  The journey is from birth here upon the planet to the afterlife, wherever that might end up being.  The quest is only slightly different, however the difference is important.  In my quest I seek to find moral truth, while being good, kind, generous and honorable.  Those are all traits I need to fulfill my journey, but it is the quest that allows me the purpose to fuel my effort.

I haven't found my journey to be quickly or simple, nor my quest an easy one.  I stumble, fall, I make enormous mistakes, and I allow myself to be tempted.  Despite the love I have for my wife, and the fact that I find her beautiful,  I fall victim to lust more often than any other temptation.  I am a work in progress, I fail, and am still working upon my final form.

All of this is to explain my metaphor of being upon a quest.  I explain it because I've been mocked by non-Christians, particularly militant atheists who say I am missing out upon the best things in life because I've been brain fucked by Christianity.  They have said what if you limit yourself and follow all of those pointless rules and regulations, and in the end, there is no god?  When one found out that I was virgin upon being married, he said wow, what a waste of testicles.

Others pointed out that I might be spending all my life pursuing moral perfection, excluding things, limiting others, and choosing various ways to avoid temptation, when what is true might be something very different.  Well, in that case, I'd rather be wrong.  I realize that people are not all in accord, we all serve different masters.  I serve my Lord for reasons others won't understand.

Long after I am gone, this world will still be here spinning upon its axis.  The same debates will endure and survive.  Whether I am in another form and with the previously fallen saints, or in a new form and being used for a new purpose, I have no idea.  I didn't write the book I believe in.  I am not God.  I serve my king, King Jesus.    And that is enough for me.

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