Sunday, July 12, 2015

Seeing a Miracle Happen

My brother and I were glued to the television in July of 1969.  Our big ass color tv (it was owned by our grandpa who was living with us due to his having a stroke and his wife our grandma having had health issues) generated a great deal of heat, to a point that you'd avoid television in summer, simply because the heat, in an unairconditioned home, would become unbearable. 

But what was going on was amazing, and real life heroes were doing something that had never been done before.  They were doing something on live tv that could end with their deaths, but we were kids, Americans, excited, believers, and we knew they were going to succeed.

We lived in a period of time when Americans proved that they could do the impossible.  We believed that the Vietnam war wasn't lost, it was not bothered to be won.  We saw changes in all areas, and we were told that we could be and do anything.  The children we were as optimists and believers would become and would learn that life wasn't going to be as miraculous as we thought. 

However, knowing what happened, before our eyes, was something that you could not take away.  And while there are many reasons to point to the worst of human behavior and worst in Americans, there is the power of seeing a miracle that cures and changes your outlook.


So who I am, is someone who as a 5 year old saw a big miracle.  I saw many great things, before the world shared its sorrows too.  I believe a foot is left in the dust of the moon.  And it remains there.  That is a miracle, of sorts.

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