Monday, July 13, 2015

SCOUT: Masterpiece in Sequential Art

The comic book SCOUT by Timothy Truman was the first comic book that made me cry.  Not because it was so bad.  Not because it was an emo comic meant to evoke tears or sorrow.  I'd read long running comic book series with emotional content.  I'd read very well written and well illustrated works.  Timothy Truman's Scout was a story with an ambitious back story, a mythology, action, and it was a depressing prophetic future tale.  And the most touching portion of the complicated, magnificent tale, was the main character, while powerful, bright, and heroic, he was a father of two boys, who longed to be like their father.  He was also accompanied by a totem, a spirit animal from whom he learned about an inner journey and path through their guidance.  There was a beginning, an end, and hope for a new beginning here, with a background strewn with opportunities for more stories.  I tell people to read it, but, they think comics = superheroes.  This isn't that.  This isn't an action movie either.  This is a story filled with guns, spiritual growth, alternate futures, and fantastic art, and thoughtful writing.
 There have been TPBs of the series, but only of the first two story arcs.  The first two story arcs from Eclipse, then 20 years later the same two by Dynamic Forces.  I'd like to see a collection of the first series SCOUT, then a complete collection of the second SCOUT: War Shaman.  Then, when these are complete, perhaps the stories that have been hinted at by the highly talented Truman might be birthed.

There were ancillary series and books to read that are not by Tim Truman, but they are still quite good, and worth researching for the value of how they add to your reading pleasure.


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