Saturday, June 13, 2015

Seer Merlyn, Prophet of the Dawn

I am a lonely soul
And I long to be more
But my calling is to be someone
And my heart is the last thing
Ever alone, and breaking
That anyone should see
I am the king's seer
And for him alone
I shall be

It would honest to say
His associates mock me
Although, they are not
Of the greatest knights
Who are seated at the table

These lesser knights
Of lesser minds
In one moment they see me
As their feeble minded elder
Falling around my steps, clumsy
Without balance, and foolish
In another moment I am a fortune teller
A charade, a masquerade, if grumpy
It is true, you should know
They long for me to be
The truest fool
Without knowing
They see me as a deer
Romping in the king's woods

 I take many forms
And I see many futures
Very few of them beckon good
All so that I might understand
The paths presented before my king
Behold the world that is
Behold it in all its forms
Behold why we sing
For it is magnificent yes
It is wonderous
From the trees below
To black skies and storms

And I am Arthur's eyes
I am his mentor
Upon kingly things
But in
Les affaires de cœur
I am barely able
To know
For myself 
And I trust my heart less
Than to give advice
To a human of beautiful soul
Such as my King Arthur
When his wounds take him
And his body enters sleep
The earth shall grieve
For there is no greater champion
Than he

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