Sunday, June 21, 2015

Extinction event


noun: extinction; plural noun: extinctions
the state or process of a species, family, or larger group being or becoming extinct.

I am not a political centered person, I have values and beliefs that are more on one side than the other.  But I do not vote single issues and I no longer believe that politicians can save us.

I realize some people think it is all about nothing, and that earth will recover.  Will it?  I haven't any idea.  I fear for the world of my son's future, and the children he will have.  I haven't experienced global warming  or climate change.  My heart sorrows the losses, and more than just for the animals, but for, potentially the entire planet.

Beyond this, I am told that humans are not the cause, that they haven't the ability to do such damage to the environment.  I know that there are many reasons the earth is suffering, and humans are not entirely responsible. But I've studied the Dust Bowl, and the impact of Chernobyl.  I've read about the hunt of the Bison in the Americas.  Humans can easily affect the world around them, and do.

We even have people starving to death every single day while 28% of the food harvested, of all types goes to waste.

I am not an alarmist, I realize some things can change.  But I don't know if they'll happen, and I don't know if they will happen in time.

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