Monday, June 8, 2015


I.) The lands of Europe, starting in Spain, and then Portugal and a tiny sliver of France were encroached by the Moors, North Africans who were Muslims in 711 AD.  Only the battle of Poitiers in 732 AD served as a high water mark for the Moorish invasion.  As conquerors the Moors were no worse than any others, but in most ways they were no better either. But the European empires, and states, and the papal authority were shocked by these events.  There was no pan-Europe state at that time, but there was a feeling of pan-Christian and European Christian unity.  With the Moorish invasion happening, the greater threat of the Moors to the rest of Europe was recognized.  And there was no question, this threat seemed to endanger all of Europe.  A panic began, and was to be followed by inaction and fear.  For 800 years there were battles, and greater Europe began the Crusades.  To take the birth place of Christ and the Holy Lands back for Christendom.  But those crusades mainly failed.  But by 1500 AD the Reconquista was nearly over, and Christian monarchies in Portugal and Spain were restored.

The Spaniard knight had fought
At the front of the Reconquista
His armor was the finest, expensive
Worn by a true warrior
His body, bone, flesh, and blood
Were sworn to Christ as a Crusader,
A knight, a holy warrior
He bore Christ's banner into battle
His cross was his sword, he bore it with respect
He bore his sword with reverence due to a cross
His body was a living weapon, trained, honed, powerful
He rode a horse before an army and other knights
And found his quest to be ended
But his enemy were weapons trained for battle as well
Fighting beneath the Crescent Star
They were upon a quest
And went to war
To defend the land
They called home
They called holy
And sent the Crusaders home

He rode an exhausted horse
His own body even more taxed
He labored to breathe
He struggled to even think
The days riding home were brutal
A quest lost
A path poorly followed
He'd seen things that were gruesome
He'd done things that were futile
And left behind him a land
That had been savaged
By every side of a war
Said to be fighting for a God
But only benefiting the carrion seekers
And those who sell honorable men's armor
So many died on their long journey home
The birds and jackals became familiar
And waited for the dying to fall
And many died alone

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