Sunday, June 21, 2015

Extinction event


noun: extinction; plural noun: extinctions
the state or process of a species, family, or larger group being or becoming extinct.

I am not a political centered person, I have values and beliefs that are more on one side than the other.  But I do not vote single issues and I no longer believe that politicians can save us.

I realize some people think it is all about nothing, and that earth will recover.  Will it?  I haven't any idea.  I fear for the world of my son's future, and the children he will have.  I haven't experienced global warming  or climate change.  My heart sorrows the losses, and more than just for the animals, but for, potentially the entire planet.

Beyond this, I am told that humans are not the cause, that they haven't the ability to do such damage to the environment.  I know that there are many reasons the earth is suffering, and humans are not entirely responsible. But I've studied the Dust Bowl, and the impact of Chernobyl.  I've read about the hunt of the Bison in the Americas.  Humans can easily affect the world around them, and do.

We even have people starving to death every single day while 28% of the food harvested, of all types goes to waste.

I am not an alarmist, I realize some things can change.  But I don't know if they'll happen, and I don't know if they will happen in time.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

What to read when you when are in hell for pain

What a year 1998 was for me, and for my family.

In 1998 my father died. He had a number of heart attacks and two strokes.  He was ready to go, but it is a shock, in any event.

I had no health insurance and I was suffering from intense periods of pain that were followed by brown and red tinged urine.  Also I would get high ankle sprains on my left foot.  During the summer of 1998 the intense pains grew worse, I still had those weird foot issues, and I had two teeth break off at the gum line.  In September when we had insurance and I could see a doctor finally I saw him for my intense gut pain, and he said you are fat.  Lose weight, you'll feel better.  I lost a couple pounds but on my birthday we ate McDonalds and I had extreme pains.  On the way home from Northern Minnesota my wife and I stopped at KFC.  And I had the worst pain ever to that point.  My wife figured out that the common issue was high fat foods.  I felt grave pain after I ate those foods.  So I went to my doctor, I explained what she said, and he said hmm I wonder if you don't have gallbladder issues, stones or otherwise.  I had an ultrasound, and my gallbladder was full of stones.  I had 3 broken teeth pulled, I had my gallbladder removed.  During the periods of extreme pain I prayed.  I vomited from the pain.  I tried to lay down, but sleep never happened due to the pain.

My wife had had two ectopic pregnancies, and we had almost lost the third, the day before my father's funeral...    My wife gave birth to my son, and we were joyous.

During the year when I was in grave pain there were two things that allowed me to persevere:  The comics of Jack Kirby, and the fiction prose of Alan Dean Foster.

Jack Kirby's 4th World was not a perfect work, but I thought it was great, and the taste that it left behind was perfect.  I was in so much pain so often that I needed something, anything, to get out of it.  To read such a fantastic talent's Magnus Opus helped me survive, at least mentally.

I have always referred to Alan Dean Foster's work as comfort food for the mind.  It is escapism in the most perfect sense.  It allows you to enjoy a story, there are no horrible scenes that make you want to throw the book against the wall, you go on a 6 hour or so cruise, into space, into the past, or somewhere, and you arrive home safely, the better for the voyage.

Normally I would read HP Lovecraft or Robert E. Howard but, at this point in my life, I had read all of their works.  So I searched for and found these books.  The character looks evil, but he isn't altogether.  He looks mean and dangerous, and that, he is.  The writer James R. Silke bring to life an archetypical figure and his work is seriously wow material.  I have many works of fiction in the sword and sorcery variety, and this is up there with the best.  Someone needs to bring out a collection of this.  I'd buy it, happily.

You might know, or not, I am a historian by college degree.  I have special areas in the Ancient world.  I was exposed to the works of Victor Davis Hanson and Peter Green at a time when thought I had a handle on the reasons for war, and how the battles were fought in the days of the Ancient Greeks.  But I was wrong.  Victor Davis Hanson turned my understanding of the way of war on its head.  And Peter Green completely dashed my thoughts on Alexander the Great, and his great Persian conquests.  

When I was through with 1998 I had a new life in my world.  My son is 16 y/o now, and gives me a reason to live, daily.  I remember much of what I read, and am grateful to the authors for their creations.  I had very little allowing me comfort, and distraction, and they provided it.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Seer Merlyn, Prophet of the Dawn

I am a lonely soul
And I long to be more
But my calling is to be someone
And my heart is the last thing
Ever alone, and breaking
That anyone should see
I am the king's seer
And for him alone
I shall be

It would honest to say
His associates mock me
Although, they are not
Of the greatest knights
Who are seated at the table

These lesser knights
Of lesser minds
In one moment they see me
As their feeble minded elder
Falling around my steps, clumsy
Without balance, and foolish
In another moment I am a fortune teller
A charade, a masquerade, if grumpy
It is true, you should know
They long for me to be
The truest fool
Without knowing
They see me as a deer
Romping in the king's woods

 I take many forms
And I see many futures
Very few of them beckon good
All so that I might understand
The paths presented before my king
Behold the world that is
Behold it in all its forms
Behold why we sing
For it is magnificent yes
It is wonderous
From the trees below
To black skies and storms

And I am Arthur's eyes
I am his mentor
Upon kingly things
But in
Les affaires de cœur
I am barely able
To know
For myself 
And I trust my heart less
Than to give advice
To a human of beautiful soul
Such as my King Arthur
When his wounds take him
And his body enters sleep
The earth shall grieve
For there is no greater champion
Than he

Monday, June 8, 2015


I.) The lands of Europe, starting in Spain, and then Portugal and a tiny sliver of France were encroached by the Moors, North Africans who were Muslims in 711 AD.  Only the battle of Poitiers in 732 AD served as a high water mark for the Moorish invasion.  As conquerors the Moors were no worse than any others, but in most ways they were no better either. But the European empires, and states, and the papal authority were shocked by these events.  There was no pan-Europe state at that time, but there was a feeling of pan-Christian and European Christian unity.  With the Moorish invasion happening, the greater threat of the Moors to the rest of Europe was recognized.  And there was no question, this threat seemed to endanger all of Europe.  A panic began, and was to be followed by inaction and fear.  For 800 years there were battles, and greater Europe began the Crusades.  To take the birth place of Christ and the Holy Lands back for Christendom.  But those crusades mainly failed.  But by 1500 AD the Reconquista was nearly over, and Christian monarchies in Portugal and Spain were restored.

The Spaniard knight had fought
At the front of the Reconquista
His armor was the finest, expensive
Worn by a true warrior
His body, bone, flesh, and blood
Were sworn to Christ as a Crusader,
A knight, a holy warrior
He bore Christ's banner into battle
His cross was his sword, he bore it with respect
He bore his sword with reverence due to a cross
His body was a living weapon, trained, honed, powerful
He rode a horse before an army and other knights
And found his quest to be ended
But his enemy were weapons trained for battle as well
Fighting beneath the Crescent Star
They were upon a quest
And went to war
To defend the land
They called home
They called holy
And sent the Crusaders home

He rode an exhausted horse
His own body even more taxed
He labored to breathe
He struggled to even think
The days riding home were brutal
A quest lost
A path poorly followed
He'd seen things that were gruesome
He'd done things that were futile
And left behind him a land
That had been savaged
By every side of a war
Said to be fighting for a God
But only benefiting the carrion seekers
And those who sell honorable men's armor
So many died on their long journey home
The birds and jackals became familiar
And waited for the dying to fall
And many died alone

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Curse of the Wolf

In the season of the full moon
The curse of the wolf takes full bloom
The child of man once bitten
The curse will spread
To every one who 
Is similarly attacked
The spirit of the wolf
Will bring doom
To the family 
Of mankind

The Tomb and the Dead

Why should we worry about the dead?  They will go forward or stay in the ground, with no help or influence from us.  We can stuff them in tight red velvet lined coffins, or in bare pine boxes, it doesn't matter.  The worms will feed.  The disposition of the corpse isn't the thing.  What matters is the life and spirit they've lived.  And the record of that cannot be changed, expunged or improved.  So the dead will look after the dead, and only then can we know, this life is all we are given, there is nothing but this, and whatever we do, we must try our best to become better, to repent, and be forgiven.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Some would convict her for her actions of violence
Some say she did it
But prior had suffered in silence
When her father took her into his bedroom
As his substitute wife
After his first wife died
Some say she didn't do it
At all
But offer no proof
For their version of the truth

In the end the toll
Of the axe remains the same
Two dead without just cause
And the daughter took the blame
Was she so clever
Was she a scapegoat
Did she have so dark a heart
She went down in infamous fame
For such a violent act