Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Briar Wood

 The Briar Wood by Edward Burne-Jones

"The fateful slumber floats and flows
About the tangle of the rose;
But lo! the fated hand and heart
To rend the slumberous curse apart!"

Edward Burne-Jones did not just paint a scene.  He told stories with a single painting.  His works came from a style that was made more popular during the Pre-Raphaelite era, but as he himself pointed out, it came to him later in life, as he was first a critic of art, and then took up the brush. The men of battle were exhausted from their day, and lay down, in a gentle place.  They woke with the night watch guards call, but could not move, as the Briar wood had taken hold of their shields and weapons of war, and they found their arms and legs firmly held as well.

One artist telling a story, from myth/legend, or event, could tell a story similarly, he was not unusual in that, but his drawing from the roots of Pre-Raphaelites, he choose epic stories and myths to be the backdrop or reason for his work.  

I am just one of many who love his work, but I do very much.

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