Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Atlantis, the Peak of Achievement, Lost to the ages

When people are convinced by their own hubris, by the arguments of greatness and realization of that they have reached a peak of magnificence, they've risen above the status and place of Gods and for having learned more than any other people or state, they are said to be setting themselves up for disaster.  The ancient lost society of Atlantis is said to have experienced this.

We've passed the point of caring about anything that happened in the past.  It doesn't matter at all to most people who live their lives without reading about anything that doesn't directly affect them.  It doesn't matter to people who watch only movies that are fiction, and thereby meant to entertain, not to stimulate the brain.  It doesn't matter to people who never read, never think, never wonder.  The world is a small place to the dull of thought.  The world is equally small to those who have great minds but never introduce new facts to that mind.  The difference between ignorance, apathy and imbecilic is found in the natural abilities the thinker is born with, but none of the three matter for this discussion.  

So why does it matter?  Why would anyone be moved by the idea that a society had grown in all aspects of modern, education, military, commerce, only to see it fall in a single day, from a natural disaster?  They are different than any thing modern society could experience, and we've surpassed every aspect of modernity that they held up as achievement.  The achievements of humankind, as a whole has created life in test tubes, has multiplied the creative power of food in the green revolution, has defeated various diseases, and has built forms of world wide connectivity that any person from previous era could not understand or perceive.  Science has allowed human to reach peaks of perfection, and there is no earthquake or tidal wave to destroy society.

Then again, we've strip mined the oceans of life.  We've polluted nearly ever aquifer and ground water reservoir.  We've polluted the air so that the coat of birds have a film upon them that reduces their immunity to disease and makes them much less insulated against cold.  We've fought wars to an endless degree and refused to make amends.  Technology has risen, but the morality of humanity remains at the low level of primal life.  Consume, use and find more.  Repeat.

There will be no one example of Atlantis.  There will be a planetwide example of it.

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